Details on Copper Creek Fixed Ownership option

As with the last three Disney Vacation Club resorts, buyers at Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney's Wilderness Lodge will have the option of purchasing a Fixed Ownership Interest.

Wilderness Lodge

The Fixed Ownership Interest or Fixed Week option allows the buyer to vacation during a specific week of the year without need for reservations.  Fixed Ownership are confirmed automatically on a priority basis and preempt other Club Members from reserving certain villas on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Fixed Week is a throwback to the more traditional timeshare model of the 1980s in which owners would purchase a specific week to use year-after-year.  The chart below illustrates the number of points the buyer must purchase in order to secure any given Fixed week.  Disney Vacation Club requires that the buyer purchase the number of points typically required to book the given week plus an additional 10%.  

CCV Fixed Week

Copper Creek Fixed Week costs

In return, DVC will ensure that a villa is pre-booked for the prescribed week, with no risk of the owner being shut out.  Additionally DVC guarantees that the points purchased will always be sufficient to book that week, regardless of any future changes to the resort's Points Chart.  

Fixed Ownership Interests will be capped at 35% of any specific Use Day for any specific Vacation Home Type at Copper Creek. At least 65% of all dates and villa sizes will remain available for booking on points at the resort.  

This Fixed Week option was also offered at Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas, Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows.  The option has proven to be popular during high demand times of the year--like early December--and for the more sought-after villas like the cheaper Standard View Deluxe Studios.  

In the Public Offering Statement for Copper Creek Villas & Cabins, DVC warns that this option "may adversely affect the ability of Club Members without Fixed Ownership Interests to make reservations during high demand seasons."  If 35% of all Deluxe Studio villas are purchased as Fixed Weeks for Week 49 in early December, only 65% of the resort's Studios will be left for owners who did not purchase the Fixed Week.  

Each year, the Fixed Week owner has the option of converting the week into Copper Creek Home Resort Vacation Club points, which can then be used to book stays at other Disney Vacation Club resorts or to make exchanges as permitted by the DVC rules and regulations.  In this event, the guaranteed reservation is cancelled and the room made available to all other DVC members.

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Details on Copper Creek Fixed Ownership option -- wdrl
2017 Mar 10 02:44:07 PM
Fixed weeks, aka guaranteed weeks, don't account for many sales at either the Villas at Grand Floridian or the Polynesian Villas & Bungalows. Disney has sold 275 guaranteed week deeds for VGF, which accounts for 4.0% of VGF's total points. For more details, here is a [URL=""]look at guaranteed week sales for the Grand Floridian[/URL].

Guaranteed week sales have been weaker for the Polynesian. So far, only 91 guaranteed week deeds have been sold for the resort, which is about 1.0% of the Poly's total points.

Aulani also offers guaranteed weeks, but data breaking down guaranteed week sales is not available.

I don't know what to expect with Copper Creek when it comes to guaranteed week sales, at least in terms of the number of deeds sold. The majority of guaranteed week sales for VGF and the Poly are for the last six weeks of the year and I'm sure Copper Creek will follow suit.

I'm always amazed how little marketing Disney does for guaranteed week sales. The official press release and a flyer I received in the mail don't mention the guaranteed week option. Even the guaranteed week point chart included in this article is virtually hidden on the website.
Re: Details on Copper Creek Fixed Ownership option -- denlo
2017 Mar 11 09:58:19 AM
I have to admit that if we won the lottery, I would try to talk DH into buying a fixed week cabin at CCV for week 49. And if he balked at that I'd try for a studio. Although I would love to have some of our extended family stay in a cabin. The idea of always being able to stay at WL during the holiday season, is something to dream about. :cloud9:
Silly Question -- bakerworld
2017 Mar 11 10:38:30 AM
Are the fixed weeks always weekend to weekend or can you designate Wednesday to Tuesday?

Regardless the airline, around us, the best flights are always mid-week or early-week with later week and weekends at a premium.
Re: Details on Copper Creek Fixed Ownership option -- wdrl
2017 Mar 11 01:54:16 PM
bakerworld wrote:
Are the fixed weeks always weekend to weekend or can you designate Wednesday to Tuesday?
The DVC fixed weeks always run 7 nights from Sunday check-in to Sunday check-out. There is no deviation from that schedule.
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