Wholesale changes planned for Vero dining

All three restuarnts at Disney's Vero Beach Resort are slated to close in a major reconfiguration of the resort's food service options. 

Shutters Restaurant

Shutters restaurant at Disney's Vero Beach Resort

Disney's Vero Beach Resort is currently in the midst of a reported $3.8 million renovation project, featuring updates to all guest rooms and villas.  But the work will also encompass all three of the resort's dining outlets.  

Signature restaurant Sonya's is scheduled to close permanently on April 30, 2016.  Table service restaurant Shutters and quick service dining outlet Bleachers Bar & Grill will follow, closing-up shop in June 2016.  

In the fall, a new table service restaurant and quick service marketplace will debut at the resort, along with a new poolside bar.  

During the closures, temporary dining options will be made available to guests.  Details have not been revealed.  

Guest room renovations at Vero Beach began back in February and are scheduled for completion before the end of the year.

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Wholesale changes planned for Vero dining -- aggiemullins
2016 Apr 19 01:10:25 PM
In our two weeks we've spent at VB, we only ate sit down once I think. While it wasn't the ridiculous prices of WDW, it was still too expensive, food not that great and too many other options outside the resort. Not to mention, many people staying on property have their own kitchen and a ton of time to kill.

Hopefully Disney will realize VB dining is unique in that there isn't a captive audience nor hordes of people on a "free" DDP and they might actually build something with value and/or competitive to the surrounding area... Lol, yea, right!
Re: Wholesale changes planned for Vero dining -- TimK
2016 Apr 19 02:24:03 PM
I think we've spent 4 nights at Vero and at breakfast at Shutters once. Server was great. Long-time Vero veteran who spent a lot of time chatting with us. (Restaurant was nearly empty.)

Vero doesn't need 3 restaurants. Heck, Hilton Head doesn't have a single TS restaurant.

I'm sure that original design took into account the second phase of the Vero resort which was never built. Seems smart to narrow the focus to just 2 locations. I have a feeling we'll get a very middle-of-the-road TS restaurant which can host the occasional character meal, plus a greater variety in counter service options.

(BTW, I really missed an opportunity with the title on this article. How about "Disney Shutters Vero Restaurants"? :goodvibes: )
Re: Wholesale changes planned for Vero dining -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2016 Apr 19 03:30:30 PM
Been several years since we stayed at VB but what I recall was over priced bad food. Even up in the Green room the bar menu was ok but it took forever for the food to arrive.

Maybe things have changed outside the resort, but I also recall very few good dining options off property. Captain Hirams was all the rage for it's beach bum party atmosphere, but the food was unremarkable.

While HHI & VB have similarities, they are also very different. HHI is a RESORT Island, in some respect very similar to being on property at WDW. Great food is everywhere to be found. HHI doesn't need a TS restaurant because there is 5 - 10 great options just over the canal bridge. VB, on the other hand, seems more like a Wannabe Resort. Leave the property and it just feels like AnyTown USA vs the Vacationland that HHI and Orlando have to offer.
Re: Wholesale changes planned for Vero dining -- rfc0001
2016 Apr 19 10:22:56 PM
This addresses at least one if not all of my rants about VB dining -- Sonya's was just begging to be turned into a full service bar/grill with poolside seating. With a full bar in the main level, hopefully Green Room is converted to a restaurant, which it was begging for with its views of the ocean inside and out. If that is the case, that addresses most if not all of my gripes at VB, along with the refurb - it's like they read all of my (well deserved) rants :) We may actually have to go back despite previously being my least favorite DVC resort :thumbsup2:.
Just back from Vero -- Cinderelly
2016 Apr 25 12:21:13 PM
Just back last night from a 2 night stay at Vero to introduce my husband to that DVC resort after a cruise. I had stayed just 2 nights with my daughter two years ago, and we enjoyed it enough for me to want to go back. We were assigned a handicapped room on the third floor (not a request), and found the accommodations to be spacious and lovely. We did hear noise a bit during the day from the 4th floor, which is the final floor to be done on the main building. We had an ocean view, room 2323. When I spoke to housekeeping, I was told that the room hadn't finished being furnished, dresser needed changing out. Carpeting was very nice, everything worked well. I spoke to another cast member about the dining changes. They did say that there would be more of a "fresh market" selection in one of the venues. The outdoor, near pool, "Bleachers" will undergo changes to accommodate those wanting an alcoholic bev. vs those that want food (I had walked away from a long line of folks wanting more than the Dole Whip I was ordering, and came back later in the evening). Dole whip had been removed from offerings last year, but server was happy to report it was back. We ate at Shutters (busy 6pm dining & slow service- food just okay) and at the Green Room. Slow service there as well, and the worse food ever. Specifically, I ordered a wedge salad, below average & $9. and we ordered the sliders. Picture no name full size hamburger buns, hamburger was lesser quality than McD's, with a slice of cheddar (skeptical as to whether it came from a plastic wrap or not), had a small pickle cut up and put under burger. I took a bite, husband took a bite, sent it back. We advised them to never recommend it to anyone. Bartender said they got lots of complaints. Also said they had just changed the menu, and the food is not cooked in the Shutters grill area. Beware! We will go back for a few days next year, get a 1br, and cook our own food, or go off property.
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