Work Continues on Old Key West Refurbishment

The first four buildings are still in the midst of renovations as crews begin the process of refreshing more than five hundred Disney Vacation Club villas.  

Old Key West Refurb 2017

Earlier this fall, room refurbishments began at Disney’s Old Key West Resort, a project which is scheduled to run at least into the summer of 2018. Crews are renovating four buildings at a time, beginning with buildings 30-33.  

At this time, buildings 30 and 31 are closest to completion.  While work is still occurring on the villa interiors, walls which previously screened the nearby parking area have since been removed.  Cast Members we spoke with did not have any information on when these first rooms would be released for guest use.  Given that these are the first group of villas to undergo the refurbishment process, completion timelines may be a bit more fluid.  Staff members did not know exactly when all parties involved would sign-off on the finished product and return the rooms to service.  

Buildings 32 and 33 (pictured) are currently screened behind construction barricades as more substantial work occurs.  

Old Key West Refurb 2017

Disney has provided conflicting information regarding the duration of this project.  Originally scheduled to begin in the spring of 2017, the refurb was expected to require two years to renovate all villas at Old Key West.  More recent estimates have suggested a summer 2018 completion.  

Rooms are expected to be fully updated, including changes to the bathrooms and kitchens which went largely untouched during the last renovation back in 2010.  The villa redesigns reportedly underwent numerous changes leading up to the project start.  Disney has not yet released any renderings which depict the finished product.  

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Work Continues on Old Key West Refurbishment -- simbasmom
2017 Dec 07 01:06:35 PM
I wonder if this means they'll be staying with Turtle Pond area, and that will be done first.
Re: Work Continues on Old Key West Refurbishment -- wdrl
2017 Dec 07 02:29:11 PM
Here is a photo shown at the Annual Meeting for the refurbishment at Old Key West. But I'm not positive this is what the final look will be:
1BR and studio refurb video or photos -- denlo
2018 Feb 04 11:00:00 AM
I found a video that isn't a high quality but very detailed of a refurbished OKW 1BR.


And on trip advisor there are a few photos of a refurbished OKW studio.;geo=34515&detail=143436&ff=300144535&albumViewMode=hero&aggregationId=101&albumid=101&baseMediaId=300144535&thumbnailMinWidth=50&cnt=30&offset=-1&filter=2&autoplay=

I would worry about the corners of the bed frames, but it looks like there will be room for luggage under the studio beds now. Yes, there are still 2 beds.
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