Old Key West refurb under way

We may soon say goodbye to the salmon-colored tile and corner tubs at one Disney Vacation Club property.  

Old Key West Resort

The 531 villas at Disney's Old Key West Resort will soon feature an updated look.  Work began earlier this month to renovate the rooms, with work reportedly being performed now in buildings 30-33.  

The project was originally revealed back in summer 2016.  Scheduled to last nearly 2 years, the refurbishment was planned to commence in spring 2017 and run into early 2019.  The updated timeline is a bit more condensed, with Disney hoping to complete all villas by Summer 2018. 

The delay was reportedly caused by poor reception to model rooms created during the planning stages.  Designers often renovate a small number of villas, seeking feedback from Disney staff members and even select resort guests.  There is no word on what design changes will accompany this refurbishment.  

Old Key West villas were previously refreshed back in 2010.  However, this project was a rather modest update for the 20-year old property, adding solid surface countertops and laminate floors, while leaving many aspects like dated bathroom tile and kitchen cabinets untouched.  Disney claims this latest refurbishment will bring more substantial changes to the villa interiors.  

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DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Old Key West refurb under way -- denlo
2017 Oct 31 11:58:45 AM
I cannot wait to see the refurbished OKW rooms. I do hope they keep a tropical feel to the resort. I think DVC did a great job to update Vero Beach, but that design would not please many OKW owners.
Re: Old Key West refurb under way -- simbasmom
2017 Oct 31 01:58:47 PM
Very interesting. I wonder what was originally in the plans that wasn't received well. I just hope that the changes don't make everything totally bland and themeless. Sadly, that seems to be happening these days.
Re: Old Key West refurb under way -- gatordoc
2017 Oct 31 03:00:23 PM
We just stayed in an OKW 1BR last week. It is not one of our home resorts and it was my wife's first time there. She absolutely loved it - said it was her favorite 1BR of all the WDW DVC resorts (she's stayed at all the others). I think a lot of it was the size and layout, but she really liked the decor as well. I guess we'll see what change brings...
Re: Old Key West refurb under way -- aoconnor
2017 Nov 01 03:08:12 PM
Interesting.. where did the information on the condensed timeline (now completing summer 2018) come from? Seems unlikely that they will be able to rehab 700+ rooms in less than 12 months. Hope that it turns out similar to Vero Beach.
Reno -- bwoodfl
2017 Nov 06 12:42:31 PM
Oh, I agree with the Vero Beach Reno. They are beautiful. We stayed there a week ago and just love the changes. The difference was like between night and day. Hopefully Old Key West will ook as great.
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