KA WA‘A Luau Debuts at Aulani

Last weekend, Disney unveiled its new KA WA‘A Luau at Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas.  


The show is hosted by Noa, a storyteller who leads guests on a journey through the history of Oahu.  Music and traditional Hawaiian dance highlight the stories, which include tales of the demigod Maui.  

Disney has released a brief video showcasing the new production. 

In addition to the performance, the luau experience features a number of pre-show activities including kapa printing, pa‘i ai taro pounding and flower arranging.  The buffet meal includes a carving station with suckling pig and prime rib, fresh local seafood, authentic island specialties and asian dishes.  

Shows are scheduled every Saturday and Wednesday, with performances beginning at 5pm and lasting approximately 3 hours.

Current pricing is $119 per adult and $79 per child (age 3-9) for general admission.  VIP seating is available for $159 adult/$109 child and includes early check-in, up-front seating and complimentary alcoholic beverages.  

For additional information or to make reservations, visit DisneyAulani.com or call (808) 674-6850. 

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: KA WA‘A Luau Debuts at Aulani -- denlo
2016 Nov 22 10:31:10 AM
We have not done a luau in years. One was enough. However, I know that many Aulani guests have gone to Paradise Cove which is a few blocks away from the resort. Here is the [URL="https://www.paradisecove.com/luau-packages/"]link for the prices at Paradise cove[/URL].

It will be interesting to see how KA WA'A compares to both the Paradise Cove's luau and the Starlit Hui that Disney had for free. I know a lot of the arts and crafts were part of the Hui. And the children doing the hulu portion was part of the Starlit Hui although we never saw that performance because of parents standing up front to get a photo or video of their child. It was sort claustrophobic because of the crowding up front, I would not want to be the ones sitting right up front while others stand in front of you.

Also it will be interesting to see how the food compares to Paradise Cove. I have often heard the food was just okay at Paradise Cove.
KA WA‘A Luau Debuts at Aulani -- bwoodfl
2016 Nov 28 11:43:09 AM
We were at Aulani in October and we were able to see rehearsals of the new luau from our room. We watch them several nights as they rehearsed and also parts of the final dress rehearsal. Looks like it will be a great show. It looked like you would be seated at tables that are arranged over the lawn, plenty of room and not congested.
Aulani Luau -- SBowering
2016 Nov 28 03:38:23 PM
We just returned from our first trip to Aulani, and we were able to participate in the first official showing of the new luau experience on Nov 2. We were very excited to hear that the luau was happening at the resort instead of having to go off the premises. Unfortunately, several elements of the show lead to our overall disappointment with the experience. To start with, unless you had VIP tickets, you were last to gain access. Despite the fact that we were first in line for general admission, by the time we got in and figured out what was available to do, the line ups for the various crafts were long. We could not get near the lei table, so we opted for the tattoos. By the time we got through that line the show was starting. We sat at our table and was instructed when we could pick up the buffet. By the time we got to the food, it was cold and picked over, and there was no roasted pig left! We got back to our table and the lights turned down for the rest of the show. It was very dark and we couldn't see what we were eating. The show itself was entertaining and informative, however there was mic problems with the storyteller and no one came to her rescue with a working mic, so we could not hear half of what she was saying. When the kids were invited up to the stage to participate, a wave of eager parents with cameras blocked everyone's view.
I feel like we should have gone to the more established luau next door at Paradise Cove. Unfortunately, for the amount of money we spent, I do not recommend this event as a must do at Aulani!
Re: KA WA‘A Luau Debuts at Aulani -- denlo
2016 Nov 28 05:25:07 PM
I hope you let Aulani know about your experience. Hopefully they will fix their mistakes.
Re: KA WA‘A Luau Debuts at Aulani -- Iceman
2016 Nov 30 09:02:45 PM
I was also at Aulani on Nov 2, but according to the CMs I spoke with the luau that night was a "soft opening" and not an official event. In fact, I was a bit miffed to happen to be walking in that area, seeing all the signs, and being told by CMs to go around--then after doing some digging I found out they were soft opening the luau but I wondered how the guests who were there were selected. I also wondered if they had to pay or not, and I guess based on the previous poster thinking it was the official opening that they had to pay.

The most informative CM I spoke with had gone the previous week to a cast preview event. He really liked the show, and compared it favorably to the old Starlit Hui. He also liked the food, saying it was great for a buffet and really authentic. By this point we had built some rapport and I asked him if he would pay the guest pricing to bring his family. With a smile he said, "Yeah, uh... no."

We also discussed the high price of general admission entry and the shockingly low upgrade price to the "VIP" package. We agreed that over time Disney will probably adjust the general admission pricing down (perhaps significantly) while leaving the VIP price the same or even raising it slightly. Considering that the VIP package includes early entry, first access to the buffet, the best seats for the show, and unlimited (yes, unlimited) alcoholic beverages, it really is a bargain at only $20 more.

All that being said, count me among those who are disappointed Disney has taken a wonderful complimentary amenity (the Starlit Hui) away and replaced it with a pretty brazen money grab. It's a stretch, but I could see them charging for lounge chairs, Aunty's Beach House, and even rides on the water slides in the future. One of the most wonderful things about Aulani, which helped justify the high pricing, was the number of amenities included in the basic room rate. We've just seen one of those special differentiators whittled away...
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