Changes to Kidani Short Term Parking

The short term parking for Kidani Village at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas is currently unavailable to arriving guests.  

Kidani Parking Entrance

Covered parking structure at Kidani Village

Our friend Deb Wills from reports that modifications have been made to the parking situation at Kidani Village.  The short term spaces located near the resort lobby are blocked off and signage directing guests to this area has been eliminated.  

These spaces are most frequently used by arriving guests looking to check-in before proceeding to the larger underground parking structure.  At present, guests are being informed that the valet will hold their vehicle for 30 minutes at no charge.  After the 30 minutes are up, normal valet fees will apply.  

Guests can also utilize the covered parking garage, taking the elevator up to lobby level.  

After inquiring, Wills was told that the closure was a result of guests abusing the short term parking.  However, staff members could provide no details on what--if any--modifications were planned or how long until adjustments would be complete. 

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DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Changes to Kidani Short Term Parking -- denlo
2016 Nov 17 11:22:36 AM
Wow, we just parked there when we did a quick service breakfast at Sanaa the day we left WDW. We never knew that parking lot was there. It was pretty empty at 8:00 am. There were some parking places marked for 30 minute parking only but others that were not marked at all. And there were two or three handicap spaces, and some Taxi holding spaces. I doubt if there was more than 25 spaces.
Re: Changes to Kidani Short Term Parking -- Biff215
2016 Nov 21 12:20:33 PM
I wonder if the abuse was related to Jambo guests driving over to use the Kidani pool. That's one situation where parking underground isn't really a convenience. Is no one allowed to park in the surface lot now?
Re: Changes to Kidani Short Term Parking -- denlo
2016 Nov 21 05:06:32 PM
There isn't any parking at the old short term lot. There is still some outdoor parking near the entrance to the underground parking.

I was thinking perhaps they should use this lot for restaurant guest parking, instead of them taking up the parking in the garage. Require guests to use a MB to get into the garage.
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