DVCNews Debates: Fixing Moonlight Magic

DVCNews DebatesFree theme park admission, free food, limited attendance...Moonlight Magic is pretty good, eh? Still Disney Vacation Club has tweaked the recipe a bit since the events launched. There have been changes in the sign-up process, changes in refreshment offerings, more dates, more locations. But there is always room for further improvement. 

What would you change about the DVC Moonlight Magic events?

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Fixing Moonlight Magic -- zavandor
2018 Sep 03 09:17:55 AM
1) Do not announce any event before 7 months out. This gives members the chance to book longer vacations without having to worry a single day in the middle when everything is booked by people willing to book the event
2) Allow people to book only one event per year. There is certainly more request than availability and once per year if fairer for everyone
3) Create 4 waves of invites:
First wave: only people booked on points can book the event up to the number of people in the room
Second wave: people booked on cash reservations, up to the number of people in the room
Third wave: other members, including the chance to book for guests for people in first and second wave
(eventually) Fourth wave: people who already booked a previous event, if there is more availability
4) Buy (or develop) a better queueing system: I've booked tickets for small theatres that work way better than the Disney one. That's shameful for such a big corporation.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Fixing Moonlight Magic -- DVC Ted
2018 Sep 03 10:13:56 AM
I agree with the PP, particularly point #4. For the sake of everyone, Disney web services need to improve. We failed to get MM at DHS primarily because of IT failures. We made it through the queuing system, but after entering our member ID, it dropped me to a completely blank screen! At that point it wasn’t at all clear what to do. By the time I tried refreshing the screen, the event was ‘sold out!’ :oweye:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Fixing Moonlight Magic -- mrsdroz
2018 Sep 03 04:10:54 PM
I totally agree with point number one. We booked a room at Beach Club for Epcot when it was the 13th. Then they changed it for 3 days later, and Beach Club was sold out. And they don’t really care.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Fixing Moonlight Magic -- MinnieLOJB1
2018 Sep 03 07:29:05 PM
I think they should give everybody a chance to go I have never been to a moonlight magic they always have them when my family and I are not there.
Fixing Moonlight Magic -- helenk
2018 Sep 03 08:22:02 PM
I think that we should be able to sign up for the events at different times instead of 1 day for all of the events. If there are 3 dates for each party, if each date has its own sign-up day it would make things a bit easier to register. There would not be so many people logging in at the same time. The first wave would be people with reservations, on points or cash, then people without reservations can book, again each party date has its own registration date. Also, you should only be able to get tickets for the number of people on your reservation. If there are tickets left over after the sign-up days are completed then you can sign up for additional tickets. You see posts on the discussion boards all the time where people are saying that they got tickets for friends etc and now they are not going to use them. That is not fair to the people who could not get tickets if other people are getting more tickets than they really need.
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