DVCNews Debates: Contract End Date

DVCNews DebatesDisney Vacation Club resorts each have their own unique contract end date. While DVC traditionally debuts new properties with a 50 year contract, older resorts purchased via resale are still held by that original date. Some of the program's most popular--and still more expensive--destinations like the Beach Club and BoardWalk have end dates of January 2042, less than 24 years from now. Due to high demand, owning at such locations and having access to the earlier booking window is often the only way to secure a room. 

Has the contract end date started to play a role in your buying decisions?

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Contract End Date -- rbgford
2018 Jul 30 02:12:02 PM
The contract date isn't a factor to me, it's the price. Even though I would love to add on, I can no longer afford it.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Contract End Date -- Bigreagan
2018 Jul 30 04:11:04 PM
For my wife and I, the answer is no.

We really love and own at AKV and based on our age we'll be nearing the century mark before our contracts expire. If we decide to add on at a different or new DVC resort it will be because of an interesting new theme or enticing benefit (i.e. location, transportation option, etc.) and since it will most likely be new construction the contract length will not be an item of concern to us.

However, we do have children and grandchildren and they do wield some influence. The day may come where their interest may dictate a longer contract length, but my guess is by that time we'll just give (or will) them our contracts and let them handle any change as they see fit.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Contract End Date -- moticon
2018 Jul 30 05:04:44 PM
For my wife and I the contract date is a consideration. This basically boils down to a simple cost per point per year. Divide the cost per point by the number of years left on the contract. This gives us a rough estimate to compare different resorts. The other consideration is how badly we'd like to be able to regularly stay at that resort.

As a side question, I've wondered if Disney will eventually allow for some kind of renewal contract arrangement. I have one contract I purchased on the resale market and one contract that is direct. It would not surprise me if Disney said "You may only renew your contract if you originally purchased it from Disney", or "if you purchased your contract from a seller other than Disney, you must pay an extra $x/point for renewal".
Re: DVCNews Debates: Contract End Date -- denlo
2018 Jul 30 06:16:39 PM
Today for us the expiration date isn't a consideration for use. We buy where we want to stay.

If we were in the market for more points in 10 years from now, I doubt I would purchase a 2042 contract at the same price other resorts with later expiration dates because there would be so few years left on the 2042 contract. They would have to be a lower price to be worth it, the location at that time wouldn't raise the value of those old resorts to me any more as there would be just too few years to use the contract.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Contract End Date -- Deb & Bill
2018 Jul 30 07:02:37 PM
I just turned 68 last month. I probably won't even outlive my OKW contract.
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