DVCNews Debates: DME Luggage Handling

DVCNews DebatesDisney's Magical Express is a great way get from Orlando International Airport to a Walt Disney World resort.  Not only does it provide a little of the 'Disney Magic' immediately after arrival but it's also free!  DME riders can either claim their luggage at the airport or have it transferred immediately to the resort.  The only drawback to the automatic transfer is that bags may not arrive until sometime later in the evening.  

 When using DME, do you typically claim your own luggage or allow Disney to transport?

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: DME Luggage Handling -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2018 May 07 08:53:36 AM
I haven't done DME in years, but when I did, I never touched the luggage.

On a side note, my son and family flew into MCO but rented a car vs use DME. However, on their check out day my son was able to get his boarding passes AND check his luggage at the resort. They handled everything, just as if he'd be hopping on the DME bus later that day.
Re: DVCNews Debates: DME Luggage Handling -- Mkeef
2018 May 07 09:07:22 AM
we've done DME for every trip but only every used the luggage transport on the last one. For some reason I told myself that the fact we were coming international made a difference on where the luggage went and whether they would be able to locate it. I realized that made no sense and opted to try it out.

Only issue we ran into was that our luggage was transported separately to AK so the first set was delivered to our room minus mine. A quick call to bell services and they found my luggage in the back and brought it up.

I really wish we could use it on the way back to MCO but that apparently does make a difference for international flights.
Re: DVCNews Debates: DME Luggage Handling -- bakerworld
2018 May 07 11:31:16 AM
When our daughter moved to FL for a couple of trips we packed luggage with her belongings and we did our carry-on as usual. DME delivered the luggage to the room. She'd spend the weekend with us and take the luggage home with her. In December she returned home with the empty luggage and we repacked to let DME do their thing for our next trip. This worked really well.

Most of the time we fly and use carry-on luggage. One time we were going to use the DME luggage delivery I tossed the tags out of habit so we waited for our Luggage. Whenever we've used the service it worked well. My son did have a circumstance where the luggage wasn't delivered until very late and the were stuck because they didn't pack any carry-on.
Re: DVCNews Debates: DME Luggage Handling -- RichGBC
2018 May 07 12:56:20 PM
We have used DME and luggage services for every trip in the past 8 years, or 15 times now. Only 1-2 times, that the 3 hour window was bringing us up to midnight and we wanted to get to bed. No problems to report.
It's rock star level details that make you go immediately into vacation mode. Now that you get a text with your room number linked to your magic band....it's far too easy to start vacations
Re: DVCNews Debates: DME Luggage Handling -- drcoulsey
2018 May 07 01:10:09 PM
We use DME for each Disney visit and have always used the luggage tags. We’ve never had any issues. The bags have always been delivered to our room within 3 hours of arrival. Checking in the bags for the return trip home has always worked well, too.
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