DVCNews Debates: Best Mode of Transportation

DVCNews DebatesWalt Disney World seemingly has every mode of transportation covered:  Monorail, buses, boats, Minnie Vans, Skyliner (soon!), even walking paths between many destinations.  But of all those options, which one is the best?

 Topic:  What is your favorite mode of transportation for getting around Walt Disney World?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Best Mode of Transportation -- bakerworld
2018 Mar 12 07:25:54 AM
For us our best mode of transportation is our feet - we enjoy the walking paths, our next preference would be the monorail, than the bus and, last resort, taxi. I can only count a hand full of times we've used a taxi. Since joining DVC we tend to stick to the park we can walk. If we're on a park-less vacation we like to stay within walking distance of the Springs, stick to the amenities that are offered at the resort we're staying or the bus. When we take a vacation that is dependent on busing we do the FP+ on the fly as we take the first bus that pulls up rarely putting us in a situation of waiting for a specific bus. We also take buses that can drop us in one location and we can walk to our preferred location - this usually being Epcot or HS. We appreciate the internal transpo and tired feet have let us to use the boats from HS or Epcot however I've no patience for the mid-stops at the Dolphin, YC and BW so we usually disembark at the 1st one and walk the rest of our way to our primary destination.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Best Mode of Transportation -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2018 Mar 12 08:50:04 AM
Since we always have a car, driving is our preferred method (I never understood "I'm on vacation, last thing I want to do is drive....")

The one bus we will take is to MK. If you are not staying at a MK resort, the bus is the quickest. That said, we often arrive at MK by way of WL boat - we love visiting this resort.

Not a huge fan of the monorail other than to treat it like a Ride. At least once per trip we will ride SE and then exit the park, hop on the Monorail, do a loop and then go back into EPCOT.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Best Mode of Transportation -- juncker
2018 Mar 12 11:45:41 AM
Nothing is better than the Monorail.

Boats would be number 2. It was great to be able to get to Disney Springs via boat last time.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Best Mode of Transportation -- denlo
2018 Mar 12 12:41:17 PM
I think we use every mode of Disney transportation with the exception of Magical Express as we drive to WDW. And it is true that sometimes we will drive to a park. But unless we are worried about not getting to the park in time for a FP+ we usually will take the bus. DH usually drives and he deserves a vacation too specially since we just drove 995 miles to get WDW. My personal favorite is a toss up between the monorail and the smaller boat taxis especially the ones at MK both are like going on an attraction that just happens to get you to your destination.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Best Mode of Transportation -- delaneyc52
2018 Mar 12 01:07:33 PM
We always use rental cars throughout our vacation. I do, however, love the boats to Disney Springs and the Friendship boats at the Epcot resorts. Monorails - meh...crowded, hot and break downs! Buses NEVER. What I do love above all else is Magical Express. I cannot begin to tell you how my family and guests find it absolutely the best thing ever that you can tag your luggage at the home airport and find it again in your Disney hotel room. Best idea they ever had.
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