DVCNews Debates: Why are People Buying?

DVCNews Debates2017 yielded some of the best sales numbers for Disney Vacation Club in years.  Points continue to sell at an impressive pace for all-time-high prices.  But exactly what is prompting buyers to continue to shell-out nearly $180 per point?  Is it the appeal of resorts like the Polynesian and Copper Creek?  Impressive owner perks like Moonlight Magic, the Epcot Lounge and theme park ticket discounts?  Is it merely a reflection of a healthy economy?

 Topic:  Which factor(s) are primarily responsible for strong DVC direct sales numbers?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Why are People Buying? -- disBOBney
2018 Feb 26 09:04:04 AM
I believe that the current economy has something to do with it , and the perks are certainly a plus, However, I I think the overall positive opinion of existing owners has a lot to do with it. Not only do current owners have a good opinion, but they seem willing to openly share those opinions with complete strangers, particularly while in the bubble. When we feel good about what we have , others want it too!
Re: DVCNews Debates: Why are People Buying? -- cherylf
2018 Feb 26 09:44:25 AM
I agree that current owners are really good representatives for DVC and probably do as much to sell new owners as the advertising and tours do.
We just returned from a Disney Cruise and I realized that I talked to lots of people at the DVC desk about how much we enjoy our DVC membership. I don't know if any if them purchased points, but they were happy to hear about our experiences.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Why are People Buying? -- bakerworld
2018 Feb 26 10:16:24 AM
In society today everyone is use to scheduling. Most companies today provide tech for 24 hour access to their employees. People are use to running from jobs to gyms to friends and family events - adding children to that mix involves more planning with school, athletics and clubs, play dates and camps/day care to accommodate the working adults schedule. For this WDW provides a nice mix of fun, relaxation and accommodating people who are used to scheduling, being scheduled, being accessible and being in control enough to be able to relax a bit. I use to say that a WDW vacation required enough planning that I would feel a busy day earned me the right to relax at night. Plus it's fairly 'clean' both environmentally and socially - barring the occasional late night imbiber and miscellaneous unplanned wild life interaction.

Today's working adults is use to the high dollar item - new phones, weekly food shopping, shoes/closthing are hundreds of dollars with insurances and mortgages in the thousands monthly. Compared to daily ordinary expenses the cost of DVC membership is inline. Those of use who remember mortgage payments and food shopping being in the hundreds are shocked at the cost of present day DVC memberships. Then again I just replaced my 10 year old car and my insurance costs doubled for the same coverage. Life is expensive whether you play or work and today young adult has gotten the message while those of us who are looking at retirement are still pretending we can exist on a 90's income.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Why are People Buying? -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2018 Feb 26 10:35:43 AM
I never believed in living beyond my means, always had a "what if" plan, and planned for a long and financially secure retirement. I still sacrifice today for tomorrow. If my company didn't give my a Smartphone, I'd still have a flip phone with a TracFone I JUST replaced my 27 in Panasonic CRT - only TV in the house - with a clearance model Samsung for $350.00. The vehicle I drive to work everyday is 15 years old.

That's not to say we don't have nice things, but the things we have were never knee jerk reactions or keeping up with the Jone's. We also aren't homebodies. This year, we will spend at least 80 days away from home and we can do this now because we laid the foundation years ago.

Today, it seems young couple live only for today, must have all the latest and greatest toys and are comfortable living pay check to pay check, buried in debt. Many of these kids grew up with wonderful Disney trips and now want to live the Magic as an adult and adding a DVC Mortgage to the list is just one more monthly payment.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Why are People Buying? -- jarestel
2018 Feb 26 11:45:24 AM
I can recall when direct prices broke the $100 per point barrier, many Disney veterans thought the price too high to sustain interest in DVC. As long as people are fascinated by Disney Parks and as long as they believe owning DVC saves them a few dollars over Disney hotel rates, there won't be any shortage of buyers.
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