DVCNews Debates: Resale Importance

DVCNews DebatesThe manner in which Disney Vacation Club contracts hold their value is somewhat unique in the timehsare industry.  While many timeshares are worth pennies on the dollar when attempting to re-sell, DVC owners have often found they can sell their points for as much or more than they originally paid.  Of course, that's only useful if you actually do sell the points--resale value is irrelevant to those who continue using their points year-after-year.      

 Topic:  Thinking back to your original purchase, how important was the perceived resale value?  Would you still have bought if DVC didn't hold its value quite as well?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Resale Importance -- disBOBney
2018 Feb 19 09:16:02 AM
While I can't say that I wouldn't have purchased without the knowledge of the resale market and it's ability to hold its value, I must admit that it had a lot to do with my comfort level of proceeding with my first and subsequent purchases.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Resale Importance -- denlo
2018 Feb 19 09:36:30 AM
I don't think it was the deal breaker for me when we purchased our first contract for BLT, but in the back of my mind I was thinking that since we would be 107 and 108 years old, our heirs/power of attorney could be sell this contract when either we went into a nursing home or died. None of them appear to be big Disney fans or rich enough to maintain the annual dues. I was definitely confident we would get our money's worth as we both loved to travel and take long vacations.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Resale Importance -- wdrl
2018 Feb 19 09:36:56 AM
Retaining value at resale carried very little weight in my decision to buy DVC. Far more important was the fact that it would only take 6-9 years for us to recover our purchase price by owning DVC over paying cash for our Disney rooms.

The fact that our DVC points have retained value is a really nice thing. If we sold today, we could sell our BLT points for more than we purchased them (even after paying the resale commissions & closing costs), could probably break even on our AKV points, and would lose some money on our Aulani points.

But I know that things can easily change. Thus, when I think about our DVC points I assign a zero value to our "investment."

Besides, the real value in owning DVC is in using the points for our vacations.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Resale Importance -- simbasmom
2018 Feb 19 10:38:13 AM
Resale value held no weight whatsoever in our original purchase. We didn't even know there was a resale market until after we'd bought. Our original purchase was based entirely on our hearts-"Own a piece of WDW? Even if it's just one square inch of wall space, I'm there!" Guy was so uninterested, he didn't even take the tour-just me. Resale market? We never thought of selling.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Resale Importance -- beepy
2018 Feb 19 10:57:33 AM
We were so naive when we bought DVC, and we went all in with a 300 pt contract at Saratoga in 2006. We had no idea there was a resale market. Previous comments above summarize how we felt. We were going to both Disney resorts regularly. Disneyland mostly based on proximity to Salt Lake City. DisneyWorld was amazing to us and we like both for different reasons. So the idea of 6-8 years to break even and have better accommodations along the way was what sealed the deal. We bought with our hearts, but the accountant in me had all of the time-share horror stories in my head about getting out timeshares, and the cost of annual dues, etc. I figured, "hey, its Disney" and people will always want a Disney timeshare if dire circumstances happened such that we needed to get out of it.
Resale is fun to watch, but it doesn't mean anything to me at this point. My kids (especially one of the three), is a Disney junkie and will have resources to assume the 3 contracts we how have, even if the others don't. And it will be a sweet deal for them because the dues will be so much less than the price of rooms through 2060.
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