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DVCNews DebatesThis week's discussion question is a simple one.  And it's one that we won't bother qualifying.  Don't ask "what do you mean by..."  Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation.  Feel free to explain why you answered the way you did.  But in the end, it's a pretty straightforward question.

 Topic:  Are you satisfied with Disney Vacation Club?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Yes -- ziravan
2017 Dec 04 08:43:26 AM
Overall I’m very happy with DVC with one exception:

DVC ignores more customers than most timeshares ever see. If DVC focused just a little on those missed opportunities, they wouldn’t have to tier benefits.

When I first read about DVC on the forums, I was most impressed with how people talked about how DVC changed the way they do Disney. And it has for me.

My BCV resale was soon joined by a Poly direct contract and now a small AKV resale. We love each one of those resorts for a different reason.

Satisfied? 9/10 and it’d be 10/10 if DVC stopped trying to make some members feel second class.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Satisfaction -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2017 Dec 04 09:13:26 AM
Having bought back in 1997, I can honestly say the "warm fuzzies" of ownership are long gone. Part of it is probably because we've just gotten so big, but I think a large portion has to do with greed. The cost per point and the number of points required per night just continue to climb. It feels almost like Disney/DVC know that any knew resort that opens, enough points will be bought up fairly quick, and these points will pay for the entire project. After that, Disney is free to book cash inventory until the resort is sold out. The Tiki Huts at Poly were paid for by DVC, but I wonder if cash customers aren't using them more than we are?

Couple sour spots:

Pool Hopping has become a joke. Just end it rather than using it as a sales pitch.

Treat me like a Florida Resident.

Try harder. One little example: Every TS outside the bubble provides gas grills. Charcoal pits were removed years ago.
Twenty years brings changes -- Deb & Bill
2017 Dec 04 10:15:35 AM
We bought into DVC in 1997 (we paid about $50 a point direct for our OKW points), so we've had twenty pretty good years. The rising prices for new members is rather incredulous to me. I don't know how they can even afford it. I like the idea of the special member events, but unless you just happen to book those nights seven to eleven months out, you probably won't be staying on points to be able to attend them if you can be there on those days. The renovations of the older resorts are a bit troubling, too. They had nice theming that is being totally erased with each renovation. And I've heard that OKW is losing the two queen beds in the studio. That is extremely troubling. I wish they would contact members who own at the various resorts for some input to changes. What we love about the resort as it is and what we think needs changing. Since we have moved to SW Florida and our life is basically 365 vacation now, we probably will sell off at least one of our contracts once we have completed our marathon trip in January.
DVC has Lost that Loving Feeling! -- famgel
2017 Dec 04 10:35:00 AM
We have been DVC members since 2005 at SSR with 230 points. We are now at the point where we can only go to WDW every 3 yrs to house 6 adults and 2 children. With the increase in points and availability elsewhere we have only been able to stay at our home resort. Our last trip in January 2016 was a disaster, didn't get in our room until 6 hrs after arriving, after 6 pm. Room, ability to charge and FP took 3 days to work. GRand villa we were in looked the same as it did 3 yrs prior. This was my grandchildrens first trip and was suppose to be magical but fell short! I believe Disney greed has decreased customer service, dvc renovations, large crowds during prior slow times, CMs not going the extra inch to help you! We are seriously considering selling our Disney direct timeshare at this point. We used to feel special after investing a lot of money and continue to pay yearly maintenance it just isn't the same! Even though the new technology has happened and should have made our experience less stressful, it hasn't! We still manage to have one magical moment! At the Biergarten they put us at a table right by the danace floor! The magical moment quickly ended with the band only playing 20 minutes! I'm sorry for being such a downer but I'm just being honest!
DVCNews wrote:
DVCNDebate.jpgThis week's discussion question is a simple one. And it's one that we won't bother qualifying. Don't ask "what do you mean by..." Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation. Feel free to explain why you answered the way you did. But in the end, it's a pretty straightforward question.

Topic: Are you satisfied with Disney Vacation Club?

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Yes -- drcoulsey
2017 Dec 04 12:08:07 PM
Yes, I am satisfied. Before becoming a DVC owner, I was bringing my family for cash. Now with careful banking and borrowing points, I can bring my family with me every other year and stay in a grand villa. Life doesn’t get any better than that!
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