DVCNews Debates: Which Two Resorts?

DVCNews DebatesDespite the fact that Disney Vacation Club now has fourteen distinct destinations, most people can pretty easily identify their one favorite.  But what if you had to choose two resorts to own?  Would it be one at Disneyland and one at Walt Disney World?  One at a theme park and another off-site?  Maybe two unique Walt Disney World resorts?

 Topic:  If you were buying DVC today, which TWO resorts would you choose?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Which Two Resorts? -- denlo
2017 Nov 27 08:49:21 AM
If I had to limit myself to only two resorts, I would choose Bay Lake Tower and Aulani.

It would kill be to give up AKV and we just stayed at CCV and loved it so I would always regret that that we don't have points there too.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Which Two Resorts? -- athenna
2017 Nov 27 10:54:48 AM
I own @ SSR & AKLV, but if I was buying today, I think I'd say BWV & AKLV. Not that I dont enjoy SSR, because I do, but BWV was my 1st DVC love.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Which Two Resorts? -- simbasmom
2017 Nov 27 11:42:04 AM
Wow, that's a hard one! We own at 3, HHI, OKW, and BCV, our 3 favorites. And if we could only own at 2, we'd choose one at WDW, and one not at WDW, so definitely HHI would be one (as well as the fact that we're finishing up a 10 day stay, and with me with a fractured pelvis, it's been beyond excellent here for my special needs and relaxation). So which would go-OKW or BCV? The only reason I'd choose BCV over OKW is because all BCV villas have access to an elevator, a necessity for my very limited mobility, whereas at OKW, it should be guaranteed, but there's always that little fear in the back of my mind. Don't tell Guy-he'd no doubt choose OKW over BV-oh, oh, I sense a family argument brewing! I choose HHI and BCV.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Which Two Resorts? -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2017 Nov 27 12:18:43 PM
The first is easy: Anything at WL. Actually, I would like to trade my old VWL points for whatever the new name is (Copper Boulder ??)

After that, I'd have to fight my wife. She loves BCV for the location, I would like to own at HHI because Hilton Head Island is similar to WDW in the respect that it always feels like the Island is on vacation, it exist just for my pleasure.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Which Two Resorts? -- worldfanatic
2017 Nov 27 12:36:49 PM
For me, Aulani is head & shoulders the best of the bunch.
I suppose the Grand Californian would be my next favorite.
But because I love Disney World so much, I'd instead have to make the Wilderness Lodge my second pick, which jumped ahead of my other WDW favorites due to the amazing new additions of Geyser Point Bar & Grill & the upgraded pool next door.
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