DVCNews Debates: FastPass+ vs Maxpass

DVCNews DebatesMost Disney Vacation Club members are undoubtedly familiar with Florida's FastPass+ which allows guests can pre-book up to 3 attractions per day.  Disneyland recently debuted a competing system called MaxPass.  MaxPass is similar to the legacy paper FP system, allowing guests to secure same-day electronic Passes one-at-a-time via smartphone. MaxPass is an optional product for which Disneland charges $10 per guest, per day.  

 Topic:  Which system do you prefer:  FastPass+ or MaxPass?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: FastPass+ vs Maxpass -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2017 Nov 06 08:47:48 AM
I knew it!

I've been saying it since the advent of FP+.

"For just a few dollars more, your family can enjoy the Extra Magic that those less fortunate cannot."
Re: DVCNews Debates: FastPass+ vs Maxpass -- athenna
2017 Nov 06 10:44:33 AM
FP + of course, its free..We pay enough as is it.
Heck No!! -- OKWnutt
2017 Nov 06 10:54:03 AM
Absolutely do NOT want to see Disney go down the path of "for a few dollars more" you get queue privileges. What would be next?!
Re: DVCNews Debates: FastPass+ vs Maxpass -- dermodymm
2017 Nov 06 11:28:16 AM
I was genuinely surprised by how much I liked MaxPass. When they first announced it would be $10 a day, I was positive it was a Disney fee I would never pay. However, when faced with one day in the parks the thought of efficiency won over and I have to say it was well worth the $10. We were able to use more fast passes than I have in years. It was a very busy day in Anaheim and we used at least ten. It saved so much time! I don't think I have used more than 5 fast passes in a day with the My Magic Plus system.

Like AP's I'm sure Disney will find a way to make it worth it for DVC members.
Maxpass is awesome -- PoopedPirate
2017 Nov 06 11:57:14 AM
I tried Maxpass for the first time two weeks ago. I admit, I was skeptical and a fairly miffed that you pay for something that's free in Orlando. But I had a complete change of heart once we started using it. Maxpass is just plain awesome. It's game changer for those who struggle to have a complete day while dealing with the overcrowding at Disneyland that has become the new normal. We were there during a packed holiday weekend and never stood in line. Not once. Maxpass essentially told us where to go next.

The reason why I like it better than FastPass+ is that you CAN'T reserve passes prior to the day you enter the park. And you CAN reserve passes for both parks on the same day, provided you have a hopper. This makes the pool of available fastpasses gigantic compared to Orlando . Everything is available, and pretty much available most of the day.

The old fastpass system at Disneyland (the paper based one created in the 90's) had a minimum return time of 45 minutes. That means that if you went to say, Indiana Jones at 9am, and there was nobody in the standby line at all at the time, and requested a fastpass, the return time would be 9:45. Not anymore. The system now monitors how many fastpass users are entering the ride at any given time and adjusts accordingly. Because of that, there were many times that Maxpass told us the fastpass return time was "right now" - even though the standby line at that ride was 90 minutes long. That's totally awesome. There was a time, in the mid afternoon of a packed day, where we went to Space Mountain, then StarTours, then Buzz Lightyear, then the Matterhorn - all in 30 minutes. All of those rides had standby queues of over 1 hour, but we walked right on. After we got off one ride, Maxpass simply told us where to go next. Heck ya, I'll pay for that.

Add in the free PhotoPass that comes with it, and the fact that I came home with dozens of free professionally taken photos with characters and in front of iconic spots, Maxpass is a great deal. And much easier, less stressful than FastPass+
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