DVCNews Debates: New Disneyland Hotel

DVCNews DebatesLast week, Disney revealed new details regarding its planned fourth hotel on Disneyland grounds.  The 700-room, Four Diamond hotel will be situated on the western side of Disney’s property, near the monorail station.  Planned amenities include two pools and a rooftop restaurant with fireworks viewing platform.  One detail not addressed is whether or not the hotel will include Disney Vacation Club villas.  The sole DVC presence in California is 48 villas at the Grand Californian Hotel which sold-out way back in 2010.  While there would seem to be a market for more villas, the premium land value at Disneyland raises some doubts as to whether Disney wishes to commit additional space to DVC.  

 Topic:  Do you think the new Disneyland hotel will include DVC villas?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: New Disneyland Hotel -- Bolebrothers
2017 Oct 30 09:58:51 AM
In short, yes it will contain DVC villas. Anything else would not make sense.
Then again the powers that be, might think in terms of Aulani not selling out fast enough, another west coast DVC would take that focus away.
But i still think they way we travel and do vacations today a DVC at DL will make sense.
I could se for us that travel from Europe, that flying in to Los Angeles and doing 2-3 days at DL and then fly on to Aulani
as a good option. Well you wouldn't need to travel from Europe to like that variation to a vacation.

The naysayers in the Disney sphere will probably claim that since people would prefer shorter stays, hotel rooms would make more sense
I get Florida were one can stay for weeks and spend a lot of $ on Disney, while the shorter Californian stays will generate more park revenue from
hotel room guests since the turnaround would be easier to achieve for a straight up hotel.
Then again, day guests might be the largest crowd at DL, I really have no clue.
Re: DVCNews Debates: New Disneyland Hotel -- athenna
2017 Oct 30 10:24:53 AM
I think they will. Just having one DVC on DLR property doesn't make a lot of sense, they need another one, VGC just having , 48 rooms isnt enough. I'm assuming people that dont own there cant get in at 7 months, I haven't tried, so having another one just makes sense.
Re: DVCNews Debates: New Disneyland Hotel -- denlo
2017 Oct 30 10:34:58 AM
DVC would love to have another DVC resort at Disneyland, I expect the guides dream of that happening. But I don't think Disneyland needs DVC to sell out the hotel rooms year round, WDW did and does.

I vote NO there will not be a DVC at the new DLRA 4 star hotel. Which would be a real shame as I know they could sell it out.
Re: DVCNews Debates: New Disneyland Hotel -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2017 Oct 30 10:42:08 AM
Yes, it will include DVC.

1: DVC points will pay for the entire project.

2: Money TODAY vs long term. Everything revolves around shareholder value and double digit growth. With ESPN & ABC in the tank, not to mention a couple clunkers at the box office, Disney needs the continued cash flow DVC provides. There will never not be a NEXT Resort, all the way up to recycling resorts with expired contracts.
Re: DVCNews Debates: New Disneyland Hotel -- rbthntschl
2017 Oct 30 11:47:09 AM
Here's a thought. Might they add DVC units at Grand Californian or convert rooms at the Disneyland Hotel (my personal hope)? That being said, from a cost standpoint, including in the new construction would make sense.
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