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For several years, Disney Vacation Club has been hosting recurring 'Culinary Magic' events exclusively for members.  Typically timed to holidays like Mother's Day or Thanksgiving, these events are essentially private buffet or family style meals hosted in convention facilities.  Unique character greet opportunities, dance parties and other activities are staples.  Prices are reflective of the Disney norm, with adults typically paying $70-80 per person for a character buffet.  

 Topic:  Do you have any interest in the Culinary Magic events?  Have you ever attended; if so, what are your thoughts?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Culinary Magic Events -- drcoulsey
2017 Oct 02 12:51:11 PM
I have not gone to any of these events because they are too expensive. Plus, typically I am not usually in WDW during holidays because the points are often higher. I was, however, there with my family this past year over New Years. I believe they were offering something special for members but again, it was too expensive.
Nope -- Bolebrothers
2017 Oct 04 07:46:30 AM
I have had to many dinners in dressed up convention halls with work, to ever
want to do one again while on vacation.
A discount on more personal events (like chefs diner at the Flying Fish Counter), might fall into the maybe category.
But the price they charge to put me at a table in a convention space and feed me middle of the road food is not
inside my Holiday scope.
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