DVCNews Debates: Wilderness Lodge enhancements

DVCNews Debates

When changes to Disney's Wilderness Lodge were first announced, some members voiced disappointment.  Expansion of the resort's quiet pool, addition of a new restaurant and waterside cabins would undeniably change the look and feel of the resort.  But now that Boulder Ridge Cove Pool, Geyser Point Bar & Grill and the Cascade Cabins are complete and open to the public, perhaps there is a different feeling toward the changes.  

 Topic:  Are you pleased with the new & updated amenities offered at Disney's Wilderness Lodge?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Very pleased -- Kcwdw
2017 Aug 28 08:48:00 AM
At first I was disappointed that the quiet pool was taken away but we are currently staying at copper creek and I love the new pool and we also had lunch at Geyser Point and it was amazing. They were very accommodating to my daughters food allergy plus the atmosphere was fantastic. Now they just need to redo the slide at the main pool. Compared to other resorts it is lacking.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Wilderness Lodge enhancements -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2017 Aug 28 09:25:13 AM
We always loved how quiet and secluded the resort felt so I was more than a little perturbed when I read about all the expansion.

We visited the the resort in May, had a bit to eat at the new restaurant but Roarin Forks and the new pool were still closed.

We'll revisit in April but I think I'll be okay with the changes.

What I don't like is the lack of pool chairs at the main pool and I don't think it will be any better at the new pool. While I hate it when people drop "stuff" off on the loungers to save their place, I'd almost understand it because the options are so limited, you snooze you lose.
Reminiscing... -- FrankieZ
2017 Aug 28 11:05:05 AM
Here's a YouTube video of the old walkway and nature path.
Very nice -- jarestel
2017 Aug 28 12:47:23 PM
I like the enhancements and find the new additions make an already great destination even better. Disney did a wonderful job with the redesign and re-themeing of the resort into Boulder Ridge and Copper Creek.
So far, so good -- akvhutch
2017 Aug 29 09:35:13 AM
We had a brief 1 night stay in early June and although many things were still not available, it still looked GREAT!. I was prepared to dislike the new theme, etc. but it really does draw you in. I was truly disappointed to lose the quiet pool, but the new one looked outstanding. The new QS & bar was very good, although I wondered how comfortable it will be in November. On the down side, the cabins (while nicely themed) still make no sense to me at all. But we are looking forward for an opportunity to get a week there next spring.
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