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Last month, Disney Vacation Club debuted a limited time member promo to purchase the Platinum Plus Annual Pass for 25% off the regular price, a savings of over $200 per ticket. At this pricing, the Platinum Plus Pass costs about the same price as the Gold Pass but includes visits to the Disney waterparks and eliminates blockout dates.  The discounted pass must be purchased by January 3, 2018.  While the pricing is certainly very attractive, is it enough to alter vacation plans?     

 Topic:  Did the Platinum Plus 25% discount prompt changes to your travel plans for 2017/18?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Annual Pass Promo Reaction -- athenna
2017 Aug 07 10:18:59 AM
Didn't change the travel plans, as we were planning 2 weeks anyway, but definitely made deciding what tickets to get easier.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Annual Pass Promo Reaction -- daleNchip
2017 Aug 07 10:43:54 AM
It won't change our plans, but it will save us some $$. Even at the "regular" DVC discount, prior to this promo it was cheaper for us to purchase Gold APs plus Water Park APs than to purchase the Platinum Plus (something like $60pp in savings). Upgrading our GAP vouchers to PPAPs at zero additional cost will save us the ~$125 per WPAP.

$125 will buy a lot of Lapu Lapus!

Re: DVCNews Debates: Annual Pass Promo Reaction -- bigcu
2017 Aug 07 11:17:15 AM
The 13-month renewal bonus combined with the additional usual discount for renewals made quite a good deal, I think. Did not hesitate to renew.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Annual Pass Promo Reaction -- denlo
2017 Aug 07 11:30:16 AM
It is not changing our travel plans, but is really making us think about whether to renew and upgrade our Gold AP that expires in December or just buy a new Platinum Plus AP and activate it for our March trip. Our current AP expires a week before our vacation ends because of the last 13 month extension. So do we go with a resort only trip for that week or buy the special MYW tickets for that week, or just renew and forever have a December vacation where need a new AP in the middle of the trip. Ahh---1st world Disney problems. :headbrickwall:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Annual Pass Promo Reaction -- Biff215
2017 Aug 07 11:55:18 AM
Might change our plans to include water parks this trip, makes that decision much easier. I'm hoping to hit both TL and BB this trip now, while going to one was a tough sell at $200 for our family of four.

We had just purchased gold vouchers a few weeks before, so we're happy that they're allowing us to upgrade when we activate our passes. Would have been very disappointing otherwise.
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