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Disney Riviera Resort was surprisingly revealed at the recent D23 Expo, though few details have been confirmed.  We know it will be located on land which was previously part of Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort and feature a rooftop restaurant in the vein of California Grill.  The rooms will have some view of nighttime shows at Epcot and Hollywood Studios with Skyliner transportation to the two parks. But most other details remain a mystery.    

 Topic:  What is your first impression of Disney Riviera Resort?  Is it a resort at which you would consider staying or purchasing points?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Riviera First Impressions -- ekosswald1990
2017 Jul 24 09:09:18 AM
I'm initially much more impressed in this hotel than Copper Creek, mostly because of the future access to Epcot via the Skyliner and the offer of additional modes of transport for the "bus challenged" resorts. Although Copper Creek is a nice upgrade, members appear more interested in proximity to parks than just about anything else.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Riviera First Impressions -- simbasmom
2017 Jul 24 09:25:19 AM
First impression-I'm interested in learning more as time goes on, but from what I see, no desire to stay there. I'm happy with the choices we have.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Riviera First Impressions -- athenna
2017 Jul 24 09:26:01 AM
I'm sure I'll be interested enough to stay there, I wish they'd give us more details.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Riviera First Impressions -- wdrl
2017 Jul 24 09:57:30 AM
I'm excited about the Riviera because it expands the options we have as DVC members. Its in a good location and having access to the Skyliner transportation system makes it in more appealing.

The one piece of information I'm really looking forward to seeing in the Riviera's point chart. Will it be at the high end of the DVC like Villas of Grand Floridian, or will it be more middle-of-the road like Beach Club and Copper Creek? If the Riviera follows form, Disney won't release the resort's point chart until five months or so before its opening date.

Also, I'm interested in discovering whether the Riviera will have different view categories. Will the top floors facing Epcot be part of a 'Theme Park View' like at Bay Lake Tower?

Frankly, questions about the resort's theming and interior decorating are intriguing but inconsequential to me. Regardless of its theme, I'll probably want to stay at least one time at the new resort.

So, overall, I have to say the Riviera has left me with a very positive feeling.

As an aside, I think Disney's announcement of the Riviera about two-and-a half years before its opening should put to rest one of the Urban Myths about timeshares. Some people always say that a timeshare developer can't announce a project until a certain percentage of the resort is finished. I'm not a lawyer, but I've looked at the Florida statutes regulating timeshares and I have yet to find any rule that prohibits a developer from advertising a future resort. As long as the developer doesn't take money from customers before a timeshare license is issued, the developer can share its future plans with the public.
Staying at the Riviera? -- WDWLOVER
2017 Jul 24 10:05:40 AM
I have BLT & OKW as my home resorts. I find the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom to become annoying and BLT actually feels like it's shaking. Since the Riviera would get this from two different directions, I would not like to stay there (just personal preference). Proximity is nice but only if you spend lots of time in Epcot or the Studios. If the Magic Kingdom is your favorite park than this resort is no more convenient that a number of others. Since I have a vehicle, another restaurant to add to my list is always a plus. I have not seen enough about the theming to make a determination as to whether I would stay there or not. Personal preference is OKW-we love the laid back, quiet feeling of the resort, not to mention the huge rooms which have not been duplicated in any of the other DVC's.
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