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DVCNews Debates

The 5 seasons on Disney Vacation Club points charts were designed to help balance demand over the year.  Slower periods were priced cheaper to increase demand while peak seasons were priced higher to lessen demand.  However, over the 25+ year history of DVC, the balance has gradually been thrown off.  Cheap periods like October and early December are now in high demand while slower periods like May and late-August are seemingly overpriced.  Adjustments to the seasons would bring the charts more in tune with owner demand, however members would likely lose some of the more economical stays to which they have grown accustomed.

 Topic:  Should DVC adjust the seasons to better reflect current demand?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Point Re-Allocation -- juncker
2017 May 01 11:54:43 AM
While I realize that many people won't be happy if they were to re-allocate points differently, I think that it is needed. That was how the program was designed so that they could adjust based upon supply and demand. It's frustrating to not even be able to get an SSR reservation in October at the 7 month mark. Increasing the point values may help alleviate this.

It's all a give and take. If they increase a timeframe like Oct-Dec, then they need to decrease somewhere else. Someone will win and someone will lose. The only sure thing is that everyone won't agree with what they decide.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Seasonal Reallocation -- denlo
2017 May 01 12:33:00 PM
DVC did a reallocation for Aulani because the summer months, especially June where the point cost was very low were extreme demand. Members were livid that they couldn't get the rooms they wanted at the 7 month mark. And as usual the majority wanted the rooms with lowest points per night. See the DVC News Article [URL="http://dvcnews.com/forum/showthread.php?14080-2016-Points-Charts-published-significant-changes-at-Aulani"]here[/URL] regarding that reallocation. And I am not sure it really help their situation at Aulani as families still want to vacation during school breaks. It might have helped more if they had increased the weekend to much more expensive that the weekdays there as the weekends are often booked in advance in the lower point cost rooms by locals want to do staycations.

As to the problems with the late September into the first week of January, I think Disney has caused this problem intentionally, not for DVC but with hopes that the Disney resorts will be heavily booked during the low season from October through mid December. Disney has added more dates for Food and Wine, increased the number of days for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and added a couple half marathons. So I am not sure reallocating points would eliminate that many folks. It could affect the number of days members could book a room because of a higher point cost. It would definitely affect our trips to WDW.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Seasonal Reallocation -- bakerworld
2017 May 01 02:06:02 PM
Generally I don't pay much attention to points totals - if I want to go at a certain time I just book it.

:sick: However, 'el cheapo that I am, when my BIL said he'd take a 6N BLT for Spring I just kinda nudged his vacation into May because the points needed for his stay. He would've let me book Sunday to Friday but not his SO - in fact, I am pretty sure he heard about the fact that I saved points by bringing them home on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. Either way, using over our years allotment hurt less for us plus he'll give us a ride in September to Manhattan for the cruise. Actually, it's a pretty costly ride to the Port. :rolleyes:

Our December UY 2017 will be interesting as we're going to aim for 4 trips - Dan's in withdrawal as we mostly cruised this year giving us two vacations with 6 months between each. I'm going to try to trade the AKL points for 2018 March and possibly August so I'll get a real flavor for the 7 month window. I have BC points reserved for 2018 October and I'd really like to hold only the 40 BL points I have left in UY 2017 to use in UY 2018. OMG :fingerscrossed:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Seasonal Reallocation -- wdrl
2017 May 01 03:35:18 PM
Disney was fairly quick in deciding that a seasonal adjustment was needed at Aulani. Aulani opened in August 2011 and by December 2014 it reallocated the resort's point chart (effective 2016) moving most of the summer months into the expensive Premier Season. Thus, it took Disney only three years to feel justified in making a major change to Aulani's point chart.

By comparison, the heavy demand for early December has been been an issue for years, since before we became DVC members in 2009. Disney has had 8+ years of booking history to justify moving early December from the cheaper Adventure Season to the more expensive Magic Season. If Disney felt a reallocation of the early December dates was necessary, I think it would have done it by now.

I wonder how many people would actually change their booking habits if early December's point costs were to increase. Currently, a Boulder Ridge studio costs 107 points for December 1-14 and 127 points for June 11 - August 15. If those two seasons were flipped, how many people would change their vacations from December to July to save 20 points? I suppose a few members would switch, but not that many. Some members might have to shave a day off their December trips because of the higher point cost, but they might still prefer December to the middle of the summer.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Seasonal Reallocation -- BethBruin
2017 May 01 06:22:58 PM
We would stay less days in December to avoid ever visiting FL in the summer. As Californians, it was too hot and humid for us in late April! Although the warm tropical evenings were lovely.

Hopefully there are enough people working around school holidays to keep summer as a high allotment time and early December less points. For example, my Iowa family in laws are going to WDW for the first time in June but they have no choice due to kids vacation schedules.
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