DVCNews Debates: Which to buy?

DVCNews Debates

For the first time in several years, Disney Vacation Club has three resorts to offer new buyers:  Aulani, Polynesian Villas and Copper Creek Villas.  Prices are very similar for each with only slight variation in promotional incentives.  However, there are notable differences in nightly point costs, annual dues, resort theming, room sizes & views offered and many other aspects.

 Topic:  If you were buying DVC points new today, which resort would you purchase?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Which to buy? -- disBOBney
2017 Apr 24 10:32:19 AM
Aulani is an absolute gorgeous resort, and I really enjoy the Island, but for me the trip from Ohio is too much for my back, and therefore I don't see myself taking many additional trips there. And since I only need a studio, or the occasional joined studio, the Poly is where I would (and did) buy additional points, it's not as good as Aulani, but it is a wonderful resort in its own rite.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Which to buy? -- PhilUp
2017 Apr 24 10:32:38 AM
Honestly, I don't see Aulani as being something I'd consider alongside the other two resorts. Nothing against it, I'd love to visit, but you either visit Hawaii often or you don't. If you do, Aulani is a no-brainer. If not, it's off the table. So for us it's essentially irrelevant.

Which leaves Polynesian vs. Copper Creek.

In the interest of full disclosure, we already own points at Poly and we're planning to buy at CCV, but for the moment let's set that aside.

Polynesian has the larger studios, so just on room alone, if you're only planning to stay in a studio, Polynesian wins. If you want the ability to stay in a larger villa, you have to go CCV. We're happy in a studio (although we will do a 1BR from time to time), so on room alone I'd lean Polynesian (there's only two of us, the more people you have the more that equation will change). If you're looking at bungalows vs. cabins, wow. We've seen the bungalows and they're amazing, the cabins look even better. Point costs are so high for both that for us they're both irrelevant.

Polynesian is a monorail resort with views of the Magic Kingdom across the lagoon. Wilderness Lodge, although it's nearby, feels much more secluded. Poly has restaurants and bars where things are popping. Trader Sam's is busy, Kona is just off the lobby, Ohana is constantly filled. At Wilderness Lodge the Territory Lounge is a quieter place to relax and Artist's Point makes for more sedate dining. For us, the relaxation aspect trumps the feeling of being in the middle of the action. So the rest of the resort has us leaning Wilderness Lodge.

Now let's talk money. Point cost per night at Polynesian is (depending on time of year for a studio) runs from 10-33% depending on when one might go (and only Jan, Sep, and the first half of Dec is it 10% more, the rest of the time it's over 20% more... all summer it's 33% more!). So your dollar goes farther at CCV... even though it has higher dues, the points buy you more (and the dues can go up at the other resorts too, so I wouldn't assume CCV will remain that high in relation to all the others). So if you look at it based on finances, it's CCV. However, the room type you might need can shift this- at Poly you can get adjoining studios and eight people can stay is what will feel like one room. To pull that off at CCV you're in a 2BR villa, which is much more than the cost of two Poly studios. So again, keep in mind the room you want.

If I were buying in right now, not owning any other resorts, it would be a hard call. Very much a "you pays your money and you takes your choice" kind of thing. I think I'd lean CCV, but that's mostly because we like the feel of that resort. However, Polynesian is still attractive. If I were buying more points than the minimum I would strongly consider splitting it into one contract at each.

For us, though, we are going to match our 60 points at Poly with 60 at CCV and enjoy both. ;)
Which to Buy? -- juncker
2017 Apr 24 11:21:50 AM
Agree with other posters that Aulani is out. While it's nice to have this as an option, it's too far to do every year (or even every other). We bought DVC to be at Disney.

When comparing Poly to Copper Creek, I'd have to go with Copper Creek due to the different room options. I don't see us renting the Poly Bungalows due to the cost of points. If we were to go direct, we'd go with CCV.

... in reality though, we'd go find a resale contract instead at a different resort.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Which to buy? -- drcoulsey
2017 Apr 24 01:18:24 PM
I wish I could say Aulani but coming from the east coast, the travel is too far. I love staying at the Poly when I go solo but I frequently invite my family to join me and Studios won't work. We enjoy staying together in a grand Villa. So Copper Creek wins my vote.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Which to buy? -- denlo
2017 Apr 24 09:14:53 PM
The Poly has never been an option because we own at BLT. Only one monorail resort is needed IMO, unless we have unlimited funds, which we do not. And we already own at Aulani, but really we can only afford the airfare there every other year and we have enough points for that, or so I keep telling myself that. We fell in love with Wilderness Lodge the moment we walked in there years ago, maybe because it reminds us of Colorado, which we still miss living there to this day. However, we never felt the same about the Villas at Wilderness Lodge, we are not sure why, but being able to stay in the main building at WL at Copper Creek is the incentive we needed to buy points there which we did during our stay at BRV earlier this month. So now we are living out our dream of staying at WL even it though our vacations will be limited to every other year since we only purchased 65 points.
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