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Converting existing hotel rooms to Disney Vacation Club villas presents design challenges which cannot be overcome.  Case in point: many of the Deluxe Studio rooms at Copper Creek Villas will only have a shower stall; no bath tub / shower combo.  And it appears that DVC has no plans to allow incoming guests to guarantee the shower vs. tub prior to arrival.  

Some guests may have a strong preference for one setup or the other due to physical limitations or other factors.  However, it is not known how many guests fall into this category.

 Topic:  Does the bathroom setup matter to you?  Given a choice, which would you prefer: tub or shower?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Tub vs Shower -- JaxFLBear
2017 Apr 17 08:37:42 AM
I prefer a walk-in shower. In studios that only have the tub/shower, I would like to see them put in handheld shower heads.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Tub vs Shower -- denlo
2017 Apr 17 11:28:57 AM
I too prefer a walk-in shower, but it doesn't matter which one we get as I can take a shower in either one.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Tub vs Shower -- bakerworld
2017 Apr 17 01:26:14 PM
We own a 1 bathroom house and about 4 years ago we replaced the tub unit with a walk in shower. People keep telling me it will reduce the value of the house. Frankly, not my problem :w00t:.

So I guess you can see our preference.
Soaking Tub! -- DizDays
2017 Apr 17 03:35:53 PM
To clean up in the morning, we prefer the stand up shower. But there is nothing like a long evening soak in a big tub after a long day at the parks. That's why we always book the one bedroom.
Walk in Shower -- kennyj29
2017 Apr 17 04:07:57 PM
When we stayed at Jumba House they had a tub. I had to have help getting in and out of the tub. The edge was so thick and I have very small legs and it was so hard. My daughter has long legs (she's an adult), and she had horrible bruises on the inside of both her legs. The walk in shower is so much easier. I know people like tubs for kids but for me, the walk in shower is just so much easier!
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