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Disney Vacation Club resorts' high occupancy level and limited housekeeping schedule present some challenges on check-out days.  Nearly all rooms must be turned-over by 4pm for newly arriving guests.  Many of those rooms have not been serviced for up to 7 days.  With only a few hours to clean dozens or hundreds of rooms, housekeeping staff have been known to knock on doors searching for vacated rooms which are ready to be cleaned.  Late check-outs are not granted under any circumstances. 

 Topic:  Have you ever found the resort staff to be TOO aggressive in encouraging you to leave on check-out day?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
I thought it was just me! -- tolusape1
2017 Apr 10 08:42:54 AM
Now it is every time we go. I''ve had staff knocking as early as 8 am. Sometimes, they make a liot of noise on purpose on the room next door! This is in all the resorts. The worst was Boardwalk. The other problem is the increasingly limited availability we have encountered. However, the quality and friendliness of the staff is not as it used to be. I even had diamond earrings stolen, within 1 hour from when I noticed they said the housekeeping staff was gone for the day and off from work for the next 2 days. They said I would have to wait for them to come back to work. Service has lost it's magic.....
Re: DVCNews Debates: Check-Out Frustration -- sssteph
2017 Apr 10 08:43:37 AM
I have only been inconvenienced by my room not being ready until after 5pm once at Disney Grand Cali, DVC, not at WDW; yet.

That said, I think they can solve part of the problem, by changing the housekeeping schedule during the week for DVC owners to be a full cleaning mid week on Wed or Thurs.

We usually check out early because we go to the park our last day and put our bags at the bellhop until we have to get on the Magical Express.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Check-Out Frustration -- jelwallace
2017 Apr 10 10:09:12 AM
I always have a housekeeper knock on the door between 8AM and 9AM on check out days. It actually has become a joke in our family. They ask for check out time when you check in online. It would be nice if they didn't knock until after that time. At the same time it would also be nice if people would call to the front desk to say they are vacating the room early so that housekeeping could get in there early.

Also if people would leave the unit in good condition then it wouldn't require as much cleaning as a unit that is left a mess and therefore housekeeping could move more quickly and get the rooms turned around.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Check-Out Frustration -- denlo
2017 Apr 10 11:18:10 AM
We had it happen to us a couple of times, once time at two different resorts. We started placing the Do Not Disturb Sign on the door the night before checkout. And so far no knocks, but then we are usually gone by 9:00 AM on checkout day as we know that arriving guests will want their room as soon as possible.

We do call and notify housekeeping that we are vacating the room. I don't know if it works because the housekeepers seem to have a scheduled routine doing all the rooms in a section of a hallway at a time.

What I would like to see happen is that we no longer get the knocks on the doors for a trash and towel cleaning on unscheduled days. It happened again this last trip at BRV. The housekeeper even showed me her hand written list with our room number on it for T&T. I refused the service explaining that the next day we were scheduled for a full cleaning. Then I called housekeeping to confirm that we should have a full cleaning the next day, which we did get. I mentioned to housekeeping operator that it had happened before and I was beginning to think that the housekeepers accidentally write down the wrong room number. She replied, yes that does happen. That means someone didn't get their T&T cleaning as scheduled. Perhaps they need a better method of assigning rooms.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Check-Out Frustration -- sdlong329
2017 Apr 10 11:36:00 AM
sssteph wrote:
... I think they can solve part of the problem, by changing the housekeeping schedule during the week for DVC owners to be a full cleaning mid week on Wed or Thurs.

How could that happen, based upon the 4 and 8 day cleaning rotation? You might have someone getting a full cleaning on day 1 or 11? That aside, why differentiate between members and guests?
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