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While we all hope that a new Disney resort would reach peak operating efficiency from Day One, that isn't necessarily realistic.  Even new resorts have unexpected problems with guest rooms, staff that could use a little more training and other issues which may negatively impact the guest experience.  These realities force us to question if it's safe to stay in a Disney resort shortly after opening (or reopening from refurb), or if it's better to wait a few months while they iron out the problems.     

 Topic:  Are you reluctant to stay in a Disney resort shortly after opening?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Staying at new resort -- imdizfan
2017 Mar 27 03:13:58 PM
We have stayed at BLT, Kidani, and PVB during the first year they opened. While there were a few hiccups in each one's first year, we wouldn't hesitate to book CCV during it's first year.

We view it as no different than a new attraction opening at Disney. They always experience a few glitches once it opens.

We're thrilled to experience those new attractions and new resorts.
GF -- mmcclory
2017 Mar 27 03:37:14 PM
We stayed in the Grand Floridian right when it opened (BLT members since 2011). We were the very first people to stay in our room. Other than the fact that they were still painting the lobby when we were checking in, our stay went off without a hitch. I think its a good way to stay at hard to get resorts at the 7 month booking window.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Staying at new resort -- denlo
2017 Mar 27 04:37:01 PM
So I too would think it would be fine to stay at a resort the first year. If the room turned out that it was not useable for your stay, DVC would move you, just like they would at any other resort although you could end up at a different resort, even a Disney hotel versus a DVC villa.
Done it before -- akvhutch
2017 Mar 27 05:26:26 PM
We have stayed at both Kidani and the Poly during their first 6 months and had few problems. Actually Poly was great. Kidani had a couple of staff issues, but I continued to see people comment on those for a year or two after, so it might have been a training issue.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Staying at new resort -- drcoulsey
2017 Mar 27 08:07:58 PM
I stayed at the Poly during the first month it opened and had no problems. But as Denise said, if there were problems, I knew Disney would find me a new place. So I would not be reluctant to book at CCV at 7-months and in fact, I plan on it.
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