DVCNews Debates: Boulder Ridge vs Copper Creek

DVCNews Debates

Full details are now known for Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney's Wilderness Lodge.  Studio, One Bedroom and Two Bedroom villas cost the same number of points per night as Boulder Ridge Villas.  However, there are differences in the decor of the two facilities, maxiimum room occupancy, location and a number of other details.  

 Topic:  For your next Wilderness Lodge stay, will you book Boulder Ridge or Copper Creek?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
DVCNews Debates: Boulder Ridge vs Copper Creek -- bakerworld
2017 Mar 06 10:34:52 AM
My choice would be to stay in the WL hotel rooms that were converted - I miss the hotel experience and currently the only place we can obtain it is AK.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Boulder Ridge vs Copper Creek -- wdrl
2017 Mar 06 10:50:59 AM
Since becoming DVC members we have stayed at every DVC resort except Beach Club Villas, and one of the things I like about being a DVC member is trying out new and different places. So I definitely want to stay at Copper Creek.

From what I have seen so far of Copper Creek, I might like it more than Boulder Ridge. We have only stayed at Boulder Ridge one time and, although it was a nice stay, we didn't have much of a view from our 2nd floor studio. I'm hoping the Copper Creek villas will offer much better views; we might be able to get good views of Bay Lake, the Wilderness courtyard, or one of the pools.

Since the Copper Creek villas are in the Lodge itself, it means we won't have to go outside to grab something to eat or drink.

As to the decor of the new villas, I think the new Copper Creek decor might be more appealing to me. The Copper Creek Grand Villas look absolutely amazing. We'll never on staying in a Grand Villa -- too much space for us -- but if we ever book a Grand Villa at WDW, then Copper Creek might be my first choice.

We usually book studios because its just the two of us. Thus, it doesn't bother us that Copper Creek only sleeps four in a studio or one-bedroom.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Boulder Ridge vs Copper Creek -- denlo
2017 Mar 06 11:33:24 AM
I like that Copper Creek has balconies that are the width of the studio. The balconies at BRV are so small that DH had to move into the room so I could get up out of my chair and walk into the studio. Plus the possibility of a view of the lake or even MK will be great. Although I have to admit that I will not want one of the 6th floor, dormer rooms as you cannot see anything while sitting. And i suspect that those rooms will be darker because of the walled in balcony and the angled roof.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Boulder Ridge vs Copper Creek -- drcoulsey
2017 Mar 06 01:16:07 PM
I will definitely try to book at Copper Creek. I am intrigued with the layout of the alternate studio. However, since I can only book at 7-months, I doubt that I will be seeing that studio in the near future. :(
Re: DVCNews Debates: Boulder Ridge vs Copper Creek -- imdizfan
2017 Mar 06 01:25:11 PM
The only WDW resort we have not stayed at yet is BRV.

At this point, I would prefer to try CCV first. Always nice to try the new resorts while they are still active in sales because they tend to be easier to book.
Having written that, I need to see pictures of everything when construction is completed before we could really know which we will prefer. Maybe even tour the resort on our next trip to get a feel for the changes there.

Looking forward to seeing the finished BRV area pool and landscaping being completed.

Edit: Just read there is no tub in the CCV studio. Without even talking to DW, I know CCV just dropped low on her list of resorts to stay.
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