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In 2016, Disney Vacation Club implemented a policy requiring all new members to own points purchased direct from Disney in order to be eligible for most owner perks.  Among those limited perks are the Moonlight Magic theme park evenings, access to the Epcot lounge plus food & merchandise discounts. A direct purchase as small as 25 points would make owners eligible for the perks, but that add-on is still likely to cost consderably more than 25 resale points.

 Topic:  Is it worth purchasing 25+ points direct from Disney in order to be eligible for DVC perks?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Add-On for Perks -- wdrl
2017 Feb 13 09:23:19 AM
By owning at least one direct purchase deed, a member who bought after April 4, 2016, get access to several perks. In my opinion, the best perks are discounts on Annual Passes and access to the Moonlight Magic events, which involve free access to a Park on select nights throughout the year.

Not everyone who qualifies for them will actually use these perks. Some members don't buy Annual Passes, so the discount is of no use to them. Or they aren't at WDW or Disneyland when DVC offers the free Moonlight Magic nights. So why add on a direct deed if you don't see yourself using those perks?

However, if you think you might use these perks, then it could be worthwhile to add on 25 points direct from Disney.

Everyone should know that Disney can modify or eliminate perks at any time. Although DVC is offering Moonlight Magic nights in 2017, no one knows if those nights will continue in 2018 or later. Beginning in 2017, DVC has eliminated the Merry Mixers, which has disappointed some Members, but it has replaced it with two free night parties at Epcot. So things can change all the time.

I'm of the opinion that perks may change, but that Disney will always offer a set of perks to its direct purchase members. Disney is trying to show prospective buyers there is value in buying direct and about the only way it can do it is by offering perks. So, for the foreseeable future I see Disney continuing offering perks like Annual Pass discounts, Moonlight Magic nights, etc., to entice people to buy direct.

If someone is not sure if they would use the perks offered to direct buyers but still wants to add on a minimum number of points, it will probably turn out that its easier to buy direct rather than trying to go through the resale market.

The resale market is usually significantly cheaper then buying direct from Disney. However, the reality is that it is quite difficult to find a small 25 point deed on the resale market. Finding one for a specific resort and specific Use Year only compounds the problem. Small deeds also command a higher price on the resale market, so the spread between Disney's price and the resale price is narrowed. Plus, there is a chance that even if you find a 25 point deed, it will be stripped of points, meaning that you won't be able to use those points for about a year or more.

For these reasons, if I was thinking of adding on a few more points, I would buy direct from Disney.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Add-On for Perks -- bakerworld
2017 Feb 13 10:21:00 AM
Back when we first purchased we made an effort to use the perks so if you are really going to make an effort to use the perks that a 25 point direct purchase would be appropriate. Currently the only perk we consistently use is the AP discount and even that we don't purchase every year. :confused24: If you are only purchasing 25 points to give access to a perk that probably will not be consistently used than I don't think its worth the cost.

However, if you are in a situation of only wanting an additional 25 - 50 points at a specific DVC venue for a specific UY then purchasing direct would be appropriate and then the perks are just added incentive :thumbsup2: which is the true reason for perks.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Add-On for Perks -- denlo
2017 Feb 15 04:38:45 PM
Keep in mind that the AP discount is not available for those purchasing only via resale since 4/4/16. That savings could add up over the years, but still you'd be spending a lot of money to get that perk when buying direct. I'd be setting up a spreadsheet to see how long it would take to recover the additional monies I'd be spending when buying direct versus resale.
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