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Disney's Grand Floridian Resort is viewed by many as the flagship resort at Walt Disney World.  And the Disney Vacation Club component added in 2013 is a worthy namesake to that property.  Elegant touches and expensive furnishings are visible throughout the villas.  However the villa wing is also somewhat isolated from the main resort, lacking its own amenities.  Per-night room costs reached an all-time high, yet the small size of the DVC build out makes it one of the hardest properties to book at 7 months.

 Topic:  What are most favorite and least favorite aspects of the Grand Floridian villas?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Great time at Grand Floridian -- eli1rju
2017 Jan 09 09:58:26 AM
The Grand Floridian is our home resort, so I can't speak to the 7 month window, but we loved our stay this past summer.
  • Access to the monorail:yahoo:
  • Even at the DVC resort, you get the beautiful decor for which GF is known. :D
  • Access to some of the best restaurants at Disney world:cheerleader:
  • Access to wonderful Spas and shops:)
  • Beautiful pools:)
  • Double bathrooms (bath toilet/shower sink):D
  • Traditional decor with modern features (like TV built in to bathroom mirror):)
  • DVC staff is wonderful and attentive. Never saw any lines!:yahoo:
  • Covered walkway to main building giving adequate protection from sun/most rain.:rolleyes:
  • Bus stop area nice with benches ETA monitors (for non-monorail destinations):rolleyes:
  • Separate building from main resort, so you need to walk to main building for restaurants, shops, spas, etc.:(
  • Awkward to get to monorail. You need to go to the second floor of the main resort to enter monorail.:confused:
  • Same sardine busing for which Disney is known:mad:
  • Would have liked to see the double bathrooms where both had sinks similar to Polynesian (in function - not necessarily size, dimension, decor, etc.):confused:

I give it :mickey::mickey::mickey::mickey: out of 5.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Best & Worst of Grand Floridian -- drcoulsey
2017 Jan 09 07:34:15 PM
The Grand Floridian has always been my favorite resort. So when the new DVC building opened, I couldn't wait to get a reservation, even with the high points. It took me a long time before I finally was able to book 2 nights. I wanted more nights but settled for the 2 rather than getting nothing.

Pros: pure luxury, a monorail resort, the main lobby, boat transportation to the MK

Cons: no availability at 7-months, no restaurant in the DVC building
Re: DVCNews Debates: Best & Worst of Grand Floridian -- rkold
2017 Jan 09 08:14:51 PM
We also own at the VGF, so the 7 month window hasn't been an issue for us.


Hands down my favorite thing about the resort is the dedicated cast members that work concierge and handle check in. They're fabulous and there until 10:00 pm. They've helped me so much.

The penguin fountain in the lobby, it keeps my daughter occupied and happy when I don't want her watching tV

The elevator is large, convenient and fast

The rooms are beautiful

the laundry room never has a line

Lovely walk to/from the Poly

Great views of the water pageant/fireworks even from standard view rooms.


Wish the closer feature pool/kiddie play area had a hot tub. The one hot tub near the quiet pool gets full and when the temperature is a little chilly, it's a longer walk than I would like.

I hate the TV in the bathroom mirror, I find it distracting even off. >>;

Some of the monorail facing rooms are noisy.

No walking path to Magic Kingdom

We own at the VGF and Poly and so far those two are my favorites of the DVC we have tried. (we've also tried Kidani, Jambo, BLT, and Beach Club.)
Love the GF -- Howellsacto
2017 Jan 09 08:56:36 PM
We own here as well as the Grand Californian, and I couldn't be happier with either. We have owned here since 2012 and this is actually our first time staying here -- we're at the GF right now! Having just switched from Saratoga Springs, which is a fine resort in its own right, I must say the GF is a head above. Monorail and boat service to MK are real game changers. The lobbies are beautiful, and I don't really mind the isolation, although I prefer DVCs when they are integrated into resort hotels like at the Grand Californian, since you get hotel-level service all the time. The rooms are impeccably furnished, love the crown moldings, marble tile floor. The mirror tv seems a bit hokey, but if you don't like hokey you probably aren't a big Disney fan to begin with.
Felt isolated -- krinyulee
2017 Jan 09 10:51:49 PM
It has always been one of my goals to stay at GF. Since I was little and watching it roll by from the monorail I would be so envious of the people staying here. I am a newbie to DVC (FEB 2016) but for my birthday we booked two nights in a studio. It was so awesome to drive into the resort only to feel like we were being diverted to something not the GF. I mean the DVC Villas were grand and looked the part but due to the distance from the main building, I felt like we were not really at the GF. The room was nice. I had heard about the TVs in the mirror and so wanted to check that out. We somehow were booked into a first floor handicap accessible room. The layout was a little strange and different from the many youtube videos I had been watching before our stay and I was honestly disappointed to some degree. The room wasn't cleaned. There were cob webs hanging and dust on the TV...oh and the TV..if you turned on the bathroom TV first...then the main TV out in the room would not work. Had maintenance take a look but could not find anything. I even had to point out the location of the TV in the mirror. The distance from the main house was somewhat of a pain if we wanted to get a refill of our drink cups or just roam around the resort. The shops are nice but the style was limiting. My home resort is Poly because I have always loved it so we bought in at poly. Poly is one of the resorts which the main check in is at the same building or ceremonial house as non-dvc stayers. I would love to stay at GF again and will do so soon and maybe this next time it will live up to its name for us.


distance from main building
feeling of not actually being at Grand Floridian.
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