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Most owners have a list of their Disney (and DVC) favorites:  favorite resort, favorite view, favorite theme park, etc.  But the new year brings an opportunity for change.  The arrival of 2017 presents an opportunity to sample a new resort or visit during a different time of year or try a different restaurant.  

 Topic:  What are your DVC (or Disney) resolutions for 2017?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: New Year's Resolution -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2017 Jan 02 09:33:57 AM
Enjoy the resorts.

Dial WAY back on park expense.

Lose enough weight to get more than 12 feet in the air behind one of Sammy's Parasailing boats.
Re: DVCNews Debates: New Year's Resolution -- peabody58
2017 Jan 02 10:24:16 AM
No WDW trips planned for 2017.

With a Sept UY, need to bank 2017 points into 2018 UY to support planned mid-2019 to 2020 AP Year (TSL, SWL, Pandora). 6 trips/30 days currently planned.

Will be taking a trip to and staying on-site at US instead this year.
New Year's Resolutions -- delaneyc52
2017 Jan 02 12:17:12 PM
We will be using our DVC points for the VB and HH only. We actually started in 2016 giving the parks a much needed break. The enormous crowds even in the supposedly slow times, and constant construction just did us in after all these years! Even with us supplying the room/villa, the ticket prices preclude most of our family and friends from coming along with us to visit the world......so the beach it is in 2017!! We have a nice beach cottage reserved in Vero with all our siblings joining us!!! :yahoo: I will look forward to another WDW trip maybe in 2018 when construction ends and there is new stuff to enjoy!
Re: DVCNews Debates: New Year's Resolution -- DieHardJoe
2017 Jan 02 06:35:03 PM
We will be enjoying our 40th wedding anniversary in May with our first ever trip to Hawaii. The first week will be split between Kauai and Maui, with a quick hop to the Big Island, but our second week will be at Aulani enjoying as much of the resort and Oahu as we can. We also have some nights booked in early November at our home resort BLT and while that isn't anything new, we are looking forward to (hopefully) a successful opening of both AvatarLand and (finally?) Rivers of Light before we get there.
Re: DVCNews Debates: New Year's Resolution -- LGM59
2017 Jan 02 07:58:52 PM
Figure out how to get more points!!! Not likely, but one can hope ...

Also, lose weight so we can do more walking and less sitting in the parks. We haven't burned out on the parks yet - are excitedly looking forward to taking DS and his GF (23 and 21) to the World in March for their spring break. Beach Club. Where we don't want to look like Beached Whales. :blush: And then a Magic Kingdom view BLT studio for our 35th anniversary in July - first time big splurge with the points ... ;)

Trying the California Grill's brunch for our anniversary - way too much food, but we've heard such good things about it.

Spending more time smelling the roses - that will be a tough one with DH trying to max out rides each day ...

Spending more time exploring our resorts. We've gotten better about that in recent years but could do more ...
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