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According to Disney Vacation Club, members love the new Signature Events.  Given that they feature exclusive access to Disney theme parks and waterparks along with free refreshments, what's not to love?  In 2016 alone, DVC hosted such events at the Magic Kingdom, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Disney California Adventure and Typhoon Lagoon.   

 Topic:  At which Disney park would you most like to have 3 hours of exclusive access?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Signature Events -- saintstickets
2016 Dec 12 09:11:25 AM
I would love to attend some of these DVC member events. But like most members, it is the luck of the draw on whether they are offered when you visit. Since most members make their reservations 11 months or 7 months in advance, this is far before any event dates are announced. Locals are able to attend but for most DVC members, it is hit or miss when trying to attend.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Signature Events -- denlo
2016 Dec 12 11:07:46 AM
Magic Kingdom, but I would like it in the morning.
More advance notice - Great events! Love them -- corvin2
2016 Dec 12 01:11:39 PM
I have to agree with Saint (first response), we need more advance notice. In 2015, we did an event and it was awesome. Typhoon Lagoon was great, only DVC members was so cool. The kids loved it and so did we. In 2016, we went twice and missed each one of the events. We were either there right before or right after. :(

We would really like to be at MK or one of the water parks but I would take any because it's such a great event.

can't wait to go again!
Re: DVCNews Debates: Signature Events -- DuckTalesWooHoo
2016 Dec 12 07:59:57 PM
I'm an obsessed MK devotee so this is the easiest decision ever for me. The AK even was awesome though.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Signature Events -- Cheltenham
2016 Dec 15 07:10:41 PM
I agree with both Saints and denlo (above).

These events only benefit locals and the relatively small number of owners who just happen to be on vacation the particular day they are offered.

In the highly unlikely chance I did happen to be in WDW when one of these special events was taking place, I would much rather it be MK in the morning.
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