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Disney Vacation Club recently began offering a behind-the-scenes tour of Soarin' to its members on both coasts.  As one of the most popular theme park attractions, the tour quickly gained interest among members.  Unfortunately, many owners were left disappointed as they discovered that only 20 participants were allowed per day.  At Walt Disney World, six months' worth of tour dates were completely filled within minutes of their opening.   

 Topic:  Should DVC even offer perks of this nature if availability is so severely limited?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Perk Availability -- Bob Price
2016 Dec 05 08:09:15 AM
How timely... I just called over the weekend to add the Soarin tour to our May trip and was told that it was booked. I kind of assumed that maybe I was just too early and that dates weren't released yet!!! My bad. Maybe demand was underestimated and they will add days or slots. I will say that I like all the things that are being offered and knowing the next trip is just around the corner I will just be more diligent in adding this and the Old Key West tour to the mix. Thanks for the heads up and the timely insight.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Perk Availability -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2016 Dec 05 09:00:51 AM
This is a no brainer.

If nothing is offered, 100% of the membership gets nothing.

If something is offered but you don't get it for whatever reason, a portion of the membership did get something. For FREE. From DISNEY.

Suck it up snowflake. Better luck next time.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Perk Availability -- denlo
2016 Dec 05 09:49:32 AM
monorailbob wrote:
I called at 182 days for our May trip and had no luck. Apparently if you have a resort stay you can book at 180 +10 days just like dining.

At 182 you wouldn't be able to get anything since you had not reached the 180 mark.

It is my understanding that just like for dining at the 180 mark from check in you can book 10 days worth of dining or check forward for 10 days for available for tours.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Perk Availability -- bakerworld
2016 Dec 05 11:23:51 AM
A perk is a Perk - if everyone was able to take advantage of a Perk it would become a financial liability and there'd be no way it would be offered again (for example, the 10 years of free tickets to initial members of the Disney Vacation Club).

I enjoy the a few perks altho most aren't offered when I am there (like the Soarin' tour) or not something I would use. I don't see any reason perks can't be offered - the fact that the Soarin' Tour was sold out so fast implies it won't be offered again or will be offered at a different time.

IMO Perks walk a fine line of a being a unique experience for enough members to create a positive image boost for DVC without irritating the rest of the membership.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Perk Availability -- denlo
2016 Dec 05 11:29:53 AM
monorailbob wrote:
I was within my 180 days +10 when I called. The Wednesday I was checking on was at 182 days and they said it was fully booked. I asked member services if it was like dining that you could book at 180 +10 with a resort stay and they said yes. I've seen other sites report that you can get in at 180 +10 also.
You can book dining reservations 180 days in advance for up to 10 days of your vacation as a resort guest.

You can't book 190 days in advance of your check in date for ADRs as you start booking at the 180 mark and can go forward no more than 10 days. I was told by the Tour people that it was the same for tours.

Is there any chance that you called at the 180 day mark and requested the tour date which happened to be 182 days out?

I know it sounds like semantics, but people easily think they can always call at 190 days to start making ADRs or tours, but they are restricted to not calling to make any reservations earlier than 180 days before their check in date.
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