DVCNews Debates: Disney Visa

DVCNews DebatesChase Bank is the exclusive provider of Disney-branded credit and debit cards.  In addition to attractive card designs, the credit and debit card programs feature a number of exclusive perks.  

Cardholders can receive deferred interest on Disney vacation packages, free character photos opportunities at the theme parks and Disney reward dollars equivalent to 1-2% of most purchases made on either card.  

Chase even offers 6 months interest-free for most Disney Vacation Club add-on point purchases.

: Do you use the Chase Disney Visa reward card?  If not, have you found a different reward program which better suits your needs?


DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Disney Visa -- athenna
2014 Feb 17 08:35:38 AM
Well, I used to. I got rid of all my credit cards:thumbsup2: If I cant pay cash for something, I don't buy it. Anyway, I used to have the Disney Visa, had it for years. Seemed to take forever to earn rewards. I also had a Chase Amazon Visa. But the cc I liked the best (and miss the most) was my JetBlue Amex.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Disney Visa -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2014 Feb 17 09:28:59 AM
I am a credit card reward hound. If a gumball machine accepted credit cards, I'd swipe the card before pulling a penny (or is it now a nickle?) from my pocket.

I haven't used the Disney CC in years. I don't book vacation packages & I'm not in the market for more points. They used to offer 5% Bonus Rewards from time to time and that's when I'd use that card, but they haven't sweetened the pot in years. Right now, it's just the prettiest card in the stack.

I use several CCs for various reasons. There is a Courtyard by Marriott a couple miles from my son's home in Waltham, Ma. We picked up the Marriott Reward card and get a few free nights per year.

I pay my car ins & Verizon bills automatically on my Starwood AMEX. I've redeemed a couple months worth of free nights thru SPG over the years.. Currently, I could spend 10 nights at the Swan or Dolphin for free.

I use my Discover for the 5% quarterly bonus rewards and use the Reward dollars to buy discounted gift cards on their website. A $50.00 Darden card costs 45 reward bucks. So I earn 5% rewards and redeem with a 10% bonus. Some cards offer 20% ( $25.00 Bed Bath & Beyond for 20).

When another card isn't offering a better incentive for Groceries or Gas, I use my BoA card which pays 2% & 3% respectively.

Back when my boys were in college, I'd pay their tuition on the cards. I wracked up mega rewards back then. For my second son's last semester, the college went to 3rd party billing for credit card payments with a hefty fee attached, so I just wrote a check.

Several years ago, you could buy US Savings Bonds on-line with a CC with no fee attached. Hit a few homeruns there. Now, unfortunately, they require electronic bank transfer.

For me, CC shuffling is a game that I enjoy.
We use the rewards for dues -- mlfschulz
2014 Feb 17 09:35:52 AM
I love the Disney cc rewards. I use it for everything and pay my bill off at the end of the month because I think the interest rates are high. We do use all of our rewards every January to pay our dues. I usually have enough to pay it all or only owe a couple hundred out of my own pocket.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Disney Visa -- mwehttam
2014 Feb 17 10:09:17 AM
Yes, we have the original card, not the new premier card.

We use it for most of our purchases and pay it off monthly. We like the no interest for 6 months on things like cruises and tickets. We were able to get the 6 months for the Members Cruise this summer as well which was nice.

With the rewards we rack up it usually pays for a majority of our food for out annual summer trip.

I am beginning to think about moving up to the premier card. I would be interested to hear peoples opinions on the premier card.
Was a Charter Member of Disney Visa; am no more. -- corwin17
2014 Feb 17 10:20:37 AM
I was a Charter Member of Disney visa when it was offered from Bank One. Then Chase took over and things went downhill. I've had 2 run-ins with Chase Fraud department in my life. The one on the Disney Visa was the last straw! No amount of Disney rewards could compensate for being blamed for a $700 fraud charge that their "investigator" in the Philippines never responded to correspondence on. My experience with Chase has been a big pile of FAIL. YMMV
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