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The Disney theme parks offer a wide range of sourvenirs to fit all tastes and budgets.  Trading pins...Vinylmations...t-shirts...animation cels...coffee mugs...jewelry...the options are seemingly endless.  


Topic: What are some of your favorite Disney souvenirs?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Souvenirs -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2014 Feb 10 07:47:14 AM
Years ago, in Frontierland, there was a store that sold a lot of Cowboy & South Western style housewares (I think now it's just pin trading).

We bought many items there including a very attractive lamp based on an Indian adobe home.

Other include the Count Down to Christmas (which, as I posted on another thread, I think Disney is missing a sure homerun by not offering a "Count Down to Next Trip) thingy that hangs on the wall and a photo frame we picked up at Wilderness Lodge that looks like the archway you drive under when arriving at the resort.
My Happy Place -- HDLady
2014 Feb 10 09:10:20 AM
I especially cherish all of my souvenirs from The Adventurers Club. It's so sad that Disney seems to be eliminating all the exceptional entertainment that makes Disney stand out from the competitors; The Adventurers Club, Comedy Warehouse, The Ziti Sisters, PUSH, daily parade at Hollywood Studios... just to name a few.
Our buying habits................... -- waltons
2014 Feb 10 11:51:19 AM
We tend to buy something that will remind us of our trip. We like to buy things that will be useful daily or on the small side. We have several afghans, coffee mugs and magnets. Occassionally we will buy something larger or on the more pricey side. In June, when we go to the Aulani for our DD wedding, we are planning to buy the Mickey Lamp to commemorate the occassion. I also tend to try and find things that are exclusive to the event, time or place that we are engaging in. It seems to be getting tougher to do that.
We miss the old, old days when Disney approved private companies had stores in DLR that had items exclusive to their brand that was Disney themed.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Souvenirs -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2014 Feb 10 12:13:54 PM
We have bought a lot of neat things that we keep in our camper so we get a little bit of a Disney fix while we sit around a campfire.

We set out a few strings of Mickey Head Christmas lights. Enjoy a glass of wine from our Disney wine glasses. Use the batteries we take from the TV Remotes in our flashlights. Wipe our...... nevermind...... let's just say Mousekeeping always needs to restock our studios.
too many things -- akvhutch
2014 Feb 10 12:42:32 PM
So many things that are favorites. We have purchased a Christmas tree full of ornaments, have a closet full of Disney clothes, etc. But I would say the favorite is a cell that we bought in 2000. It really has a lot of sentiment along with our favorite characters.

We actually purchase based more upon the character or need, so we have had a few trips where we took hardly anything new, while others required an added suitcase. It's all part of the fun!!!
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