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Arriving at a Disney Vacation Club resort seems pretty straighforward but there are many different philosophies owners adopt in order to maximize the value of their points.

Some choose to fly or drive into town early in the day and check in as soon as possible, often hoping a room will be immediately available.  Some arrive later and really don't fret over the limited amount of time the villa is used that first night.  Some will stay in alternatie lodging (Disney Value resort, off-site, etc.) on an arrival day so that they don't waste time (and points) on a day with limited villa access.      

Topic: Generally speaking, how do you handle the arrival day on a Disney Vacation Club trip?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Arrival -- DVCBDWK
2013 Jun 10 07:51:00 AM
My family and I try book a flight where we get to WDW early so we can enjoy a full day at Disney whether its in the parks, downtown or just at the resort. Rarely do we worry about wasting a day or points for that matter if we arrive "late" to WDW. We live in NY so what really determines our arrival time is the cost of flying. I would relinquish a day in WDW to save $50 a person (family of 4) by changing my arrival time or date (flying on weekday vs. weekend).
Re: DVCNews Debates: Arrival -- denlo
2013 Jun 10 07:52:23 AM
We are definitely ones that arrive a day before our DVC stay. We drive in and we are too tired to do much at the parks and by staying at a value or moderate we are pretty much guaranteed a room will be ready when we arrive around noon. It also stretches our vacation as we have already maxed out our DVC points. :goodvibes:
Re: DVCNews Debates: Arrival -- SuperRob
2013 Jun 10 08:37:02 AM
We always arrive as early that day as possible, and if we can't check into our room, we check our bags with Bell Services and go enjoy ourselves. We do this even with non-DVC trips. Availability of our room is a non-issue.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Arrival -- athenna
2013 Jun 10 08:54:10 AM
Ditto to what DVCBDWK said. Price determines the flight we choose. We live in the NE also, so we can be there in 3 hrs or less...If the 6am flight is the cheapest the day we want to go, that's fine, we get a whole extra day. Depending where we're staying we may go hit a park until the room is ready. We have enough points that we don't stay somewhere on the weekends and move to DVC for the weekdays, for example.
Ready for the show! -- Bethinthesun
2013 Jun 10 09:09:25 AM
We always fly so I do think that makes a difference in regards to timing. If you had a long drive a room the evening before could be refreshing.
Flying we try to get there as early as possible, checking any bags with the bellman if needed. Then we head to a cold Margartita in Mexico to signal the start of the Mousecation.
We have flown in the night before but found it was not worth the expense of a room.
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