Selfie sticks banned from Disney's Florida parks

The controversial picture-taking aids will soon be banned from all seven Walt Disney World parks.  

Selfie Stick Signge

"No Selfie Stick" signage currently posted at Walt Disney World's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Effective June 30, 2015 the so-called "selfie sticks" will no longer be permitted inside any of Disney's Florida parks.  Included in the ban are the four theme parks, two waterparks and the DisneyQuest facility at Downtown Disney

Security personnel will search for the devices during the bag check process prior to park entry.  Guests attempting to enter the park with a selfie stick will be given the option to store the item at Guest Relations for pick-up as they depart.  Alternatively guests may opt to return the selfie stick to their vehicle or hotel room prior to entering the park.  

Disney had previously banned use of the device on a number of attractions including Big Thunder Mountain Railroad due to guest safety concerns.  

Selfie sticks allow users to attach their camera or smartphone to the end of a telescoping pole.  A camera shutter activator mounted to the end of the handle enables the user to take a self-portrait from a distance of 2-3' away without assistance of another individual.  

Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland will also reportedly join the ban effective July 1, 2015.  

The ban will include any pole-mounted photo-taking apparatus which security feels may pose a safety risk to park guests.  

DVCNews Reader Comments:
No more selfie sticks -- bbarnett
2015 Jun 26 07:32:48 AM
WDW announced that they will not be allowing selfie sticks in any of the parks effective June 30th, 2015. As far as I'm concerned this is good news.
Re: Selfie sticks banned from Disney's Florida parks -- idratherbeinwdw
2015 Jun 26 08:40:38 AM
This is GREAT news! I almost punched out a guest at the Christmas Parade last year due to one of those stupid sticks. She was to my left filming the parade, and since the parade was coming from that direction and her stick was over the rope most all of the pics I took had that !#$% selfie stick in them. Yes I could take pics as the parade passed right in front of me, but I would not be able to get any entire floats in the shot from that angle, they were too close. I VERY politely asked if she could please pull her stick back so it wasn't over the rope and blocking my view/pics. (BTW from where I stood she was the ONLY guest I could see with a stick over the rope and I wish a CM noticed this, as I am sure even back then that wouldn't be allowed).

Anyway she completely ignored me. I couldn't understand her reluctance, as if she pulled the stick back a foot it would have been out of my view AND she STILL would have had the SAME EXACT VIEW. Nothing was blocking her if she had been cordial enough to just pull the stick back on the correct side of the rope. I was burning mad inside, but I didn't want to start a fuss, especially because I am a CM. So I asked again nicely, and was ignored again.

After the parade ended I asked her (she was about 25 BTW) why she wouldn't just pull the stick back a little, saying her filming would have not been affected. I probably sounded annoyed but I didn't raise my voice, attack her or say anything even close to terrible. Her mother began yelling at me "Don't talk to her, she will be in a bad mood all day now". WTH? I truly felt like smacking them both, but of course I didn't. I said "Thank you for being so thoughtful" and I left.

So goodbye and good riddance to selfie sticks! :wave:

Just so you know I am not exaggerating, here are a few Examples:





Re: Selfie sticks banned from Disney's Florida parks -- bakerworld
2015 Jun 26 09:31:12 AM
truthfully I didn't know what those things were - I kept saying to Dan, "How can they see what they're taking?" Except for a selfie, I don't see any reason to have an extended stick on your camera - plus you're stuck holding it all day. We've been noticing the selfie sticks on all the clearance racks lately so maybe the trend has ran it's course anyway.

At Christmas a man who 'apparently' didn't 'understand' tried using my eldest body as a 'stabilizer' so he could take pictures of the Christmas parade. She kept moving every time she felt the muscles in his arm move in the hopes that his pictures were blurry. :D She turned around and asked him to back up twice to which he spoke either gibberish or French - Dan was sure which. :confused: Soon as I was done 'breaking the law' by standing in front of the castle to get my picture, we left. IDK, MK just doesn't seem fun any more. :confused24:
Re: Selfie sticks banned from Disney's Florida parks -- TimK
2015 Jun 26 10:47:59 AM
They were definitely becoming a nuisance. Like Mar' pointed out, biggest issue I found was during parades and fireworks. It's bad enough trying to watch some nighttime event and looking out at a sea of smartphone displays. Having those bright screens hoisted 3' in the air only compounded the problem.

And that's not even taking into account the safety concerns.

That said, it does amuse me when armchair psychologists try to turn their use into some sort of character flaw. I've seen people called "narcissists" and a host of other adjectives, simply because they use a selfie stick to snap a self-portrait. You know, because nobody ever took photos of themselves or their family in front of Disney landmarks before the Selfie Stick was invented. :silly:
Re: Selfie sticks banned from Disney's Florida parks -- DVCLife
2015 Jun 26 12:05:25 PM
I would think it could also be a safety issue. When they safety tested the rides (especially the roller coasters), I doubt they factored in that people might extend a 3 (or whatever) foot pole outside the car. Sure, "keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times," but you know it was only a matter of time before someone decided that didn't apply to them and tried to get a selfie while whipping around a curve on the Mine Train and injured themselves, the ride, or someone else.
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