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DVCMember.com Unavailable

Have you visited DVCMember.com lately?  Well, neither has anyone else. 

For the benefit of those who may be sitting at home wondering if their computer is at fault, the DVC site has actually been down for several days now.  And even when the site was functional late last week, all vacation planning information was inaccessible.  At this time there is no word from Disney as to when the problems will be resolved.


DISBoards member "drusba" had the foresight to contact DVC for clarification on how the new banking guidelines will be implemented.  They had previously announced that the new rule (ability to bank 100% of points in first eight months of Use Year) would be implemented on January 1, 2008.  But does that mean it applies across-the-board on that date or goes into effect with 2008 Use Years?


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