PhotoPass discount for DVC members

Several months ago Disney altered its pre-purchase discount program for the PhotoPass image CD and Disney Vacation Club members were temporarily left unable to take advantage of this perk.  That oversight has since been rectified.

Earlier this fall Disney eliminated a long-standing offer to receive a discount on the PhotoPass CD if ordered prior to the start of one's vacation. The intent was to transition the PhotoPass discount from a perk available to all park guests to a benefit available exclusively to those staying at Walt Disney World resort hotels.

Shortly after the discount website was removed, guests with cash reservations began receiving unique PIN codes which allowed them to pre-order the CD at a discount.  Until now, DVC members were left without a comparable discount program.

Effective immediately, Disney Vacation Club members can contact Member Services within 45 days of their scheduled arrival date to obtain a promo code good for $50 off the purchase of the PhotoPass CD (normally $150.)  After contacting Member Services, a unique PIN code will be emailed to the member which is valid for the upcoming trip.  Note that the promo code is unique to each member and can only be used once.

For additional information contact DVC Member Services.