Choose from Free Points or Price Reduction on Direct Purchase

Buyers looking to acquire Disney Vacation Club points at either Disney's Riviera Resort or Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas can now choose from either a "free" points offer or discounts off the published rate.

Disney's Riviera Resort

As we feared, the new discounts for new purchases or add-ons at Disney's Riviera Resort not as good as the original launch offer. However, buyers do have a choice of either receiving a price reduction to the $188 per point base rate or receving additional points for the life of the contract. Cash discounts are illustrated in the chart below. As usual, existing members can expect to save a little more than new buyers.  

Riviera Points  New Buyer Credit  Existing Member Credit 
 125 $0  $500 
 150 $0  $500
 175 $940  $1880 
200 $1880  $2820
250 $2820 $3760

Alternatively, buyers can forego the incentives and receive a set number of "free" points for the entire duration of their DVC ownership. The number of free points awarded varies depending upon the size of the purchase.

Riviera Points  New Buyer Points  Existing Member Points
 160 10
 190 10 15
 220 15 20
 275 20 25
330 25 30

The free points are included in the Disney Vacation Club deed with the buyer responsible for annual dues throughout the duration of ownership. 

The same base price of $188 per point applies to either incentive. The buyer of 200 Riviera points could opt to either pay $35,720 ($37,600 base less $1880 incentive) or pay the full $37,600 and receive 210 points per year including the "free" point addition. 

Meanwhile for those who are fond of Hawaii, both deals at Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas are even better: 

Aulani Points  New Buyer Credit  Existing Member Credit 
135 $0  $1880 
175 $3760  $4700 
225 $5640  $6580
300 $7520 $8460

Different incentives are available at different levels of purchase. Both current members and new buyers can save in excess of $30 per point on certain size purhcases.    

Free points are also available for Aulani. For complete details on any of these offers, contact a Disney Vacation Club salesperson.    

These deals have a listed expiration date of October 8, 2019 but are subject to change at any time.