Last Day for Riviera Introductory Pricing

Friday, May 31 is the final day to take advantage of Disney Vacation Club's launch offer for points at Disney's Riviera Resort or beat the price increase planned for Copper Creek Villas & Cabins

Disney's Riviera Resort

Back in March, DVC opened sales for Disney's Riviera Resort for existing owners and extended offers to new buyers the following month. The first round of pricing featured a base rate of $188 per point with discounts that can exceed $22 per point depending upon the number purchased. 

These rates are scheduled to end on Friday, May 31, 2019. Disney Vacation Club typically does not reveal future promotions in advance, so we do not currently know what sort of rates may follow. 

Additional details regarding the current promotion can be found in our prior coverage.

Subject to availability, May 31 is also the final day to secure points at Copper Creek Villas & Cabins before it's scheduled price increase. 

Copper Creek is on the verge of being "sold out", meaning that Disney Vacation Club has nearly exhausted its initial supply of points. While points will be available for purchase in the future as DVC recaptures points for original owners, prices are known to rise sharply after the conclusion of this initial sell-out phase. 

Points currently run $188 each with incentives that reduce the price by $7-9 each. Effective June 1, the base price will rise to $210 and all incentives will likely be discontinued. 

To lock in a purchase at the current rates for either resort, contact a DVC sales representative.