2019 Annual Dues Balances Published

2019 Annual Dues balances have been posted to Disney Vacation Club owners' online accounts. 

DVC Sign

Website DVCMember.com has been updated with owners' Annual Dues totals for the 2019 calendar year. To view, click on "My DVC Membership" then "Annual Dues." The display features the total balance for the upcoming year, a breakdown of fees by Home resort and the date and amount of the next direct debit amount (if applicable.)

Members can pay the full annual dues obligation--or make a partial payment--using a credit card, Disney Gift Card or Disney Visa Rewards Redemption Card. Members can also arrange for the dues to be paid in 12 monthly increments via direct debit to a US-based bank account. Contact DVC Member Accounting for complete details. 

Note that the January debit amount may be higher than the remainder of the year. If a resort's property taxes were under-estimated for 2018, the remaining 2018 balance will be collected in January along with 1/12 of the 2019 calculated payment. 

If the monthly debit has not been established, full payment is due by January 15, 2019 with a 31-day grace period which runs through February 15. Accounts which remain outstanding after the grace period may be subject to late fees and other sanctions including restrictions on use of the DVC points.