Waitlist Changes Coming June 1st

Member Services representatives have begun communicating with members about changes to the waitlist process effective on June 1, 2007.  The most noteworthy change is that DVC will no longer contact members via telephone giving them the opportunity to accept or decline the available room.  All waitlist requests will be set-up to automatically confirm when (if) the requested accommodation becomes available. 

If the member already holds a reservation for the same dates at another resort or in a different room class, that reservation will be cancelled as the new room is reserved.  The changes will then be visible on DVCMember.com and a printed confirmation sent to the member’s home.

Reportedly this change is being made due to the volume of waitlist requests ultimately declined by members.  It certainly should get members thinking twice about whether or not they wish to waitlist for other resorts or room classes when making a reservation. 

In addition, members logging multiple waitlist requests for the same dates (i.e. BoardWalk Preferred, BoardWalk Standard, Beach Club, etc.) will have all other pending requests cancelled when the first request is made available.  In the example above, if a member’s request for a BWV Preferred room is granted, the requests for BWV Standard and BCV will be cancelled.  Members may contact Member Services and request that the other waitlist requests be reinstated if they still wish to wait for alternate accommodations.

Reports are that any waitlist requests currently on file will be grandfathered in under the old process.  Those who had previously requested to be contacted when one of their requests becomes available will still be contacted and given an opportunity to accept or reject the room offered.  DVC has not issued a formal statement on these changes, but we will post their comments upon release.