UPDATED: DVC Reallocates Points for 2010

Note:  The 2010 Points Charts were re-posted at approximately 4:20pm on Friday, January 23, 2009. You can view the updated charts here at DVCNews.com by selecting a resort from the Resort Information menu to the left or by visiting the DVC Resort Point Chart page.

For just the second time in its 18 year history, Disney Vacation Club has taken steps to reallocate the points charts for existing DVC resorts.  The result--more expensive trips for those who favor Sunday - Thursday stays. 

According to a notice posted to DVCMember.com, the weekend point values have been decreased with corresponding increases in the Sunday to Thursday nightly point values.  DVC's statement suggests that the weekly values have remained largely intact, but members who are accustomed to economical weekday stays may find their vacations costing more points beginning in 2010.

A review of the new points charts revealed the following:

Beach Club Villas / One Bedroom / Choice Season
2009:  24 points per weekday, 47 poins per weekend
2010:  27 points per weekday, 38 points per weekend

A Sunday to Thursday stay in the above accommodation will cost 15 more points in 2010 than it did in 2009--an increase of 12.5%.  

Legally it is within Disney Vacation Club's rights to make these changes.  As long as the annual point totals for a single resort unit (room or group of rooms) does not change, the weekly values and seasons are subject to change.

DVC previously reallocated the points charts in the mid-90s.  The prior adjustment had the opposite effect with weekday stays declining in cost and weekends increasing.

The 2010 points charts can now be found on DVCMember.com and will be posted to DVCNews.com shortly.  

Official statement follows.

Disney Vacation Club adjusts 2010 Vacation Points charts

To help address a growing Member interest in weekend stays at Disney Vacation Club Resorts, Disney Vacation Club has adjusted 2010 Vacation Points charts, reducing Vacation Point requirements for Friday and Saturday nights.

In addition to better reflecting the changes in Members' vacationing patterns, the adjusted charts make accommodations more affordable during many popular Walt Disney World® events, such as Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and ESPN The Weekend.

To make this change possible, Vacation Point requirements for some instances of Sunday-Thursday stays are now higher. However, a full week's stay will essentially cost the same amount of Vacation Points as before.

To view the adjusted Vacation Points charts, click on the "View Vacation Points Charts" link in the "Plan My Vacation" section of this Web site (located on the right side of the page).