Disney Implements Account Login Notification

Next time you log into a Disney website--including the Disney Vacation Club site--you may receive an email confirmation. 

Disney Vacation Club

Disney has added a login notification process for some of its websites, including the official DVC site. Upon entry of the username and password, a member can expect to receive an email which reads something like this:

Hello XXX,

Your account was just used to sign in to Disney Vacation Club, a part of The Walt Disney Family of Companies.

Source: Chrome
Location: XXX (may not match exact location)

If this looks familiar, then you can ignore this message.

If you believe that someone else may have accessed your account, then you should use the button below to change your password and secure your account.

Assuming guests actually did log-in from the approximate location described, no further action is required. However, if there is a chance the activity may be fraudulent in nature, members can use the "I don't recognize this activity" button to report the issue to Disney. 

Artwork included in the notification message suggests the verification may eventually expand to include logins at all Disney sites including ABC, ESPN, Marvel, Star Wars and more.