DVC Reverses Course on 2020 Point Reallocation

Disney Vacation Club will not be adjusting the points charts for the year 2020 after all. 

Disney Vacation Club

New revisions to the points charts for the year 2020 have been posted to the DVC members-only website. The modifications revealed back in December are now gone, with new charts marked "revised" displaying values which are nearly identical to 2019. 

The original charts for 2020 showed widespread increases in nightly point costs for Deluxe Studio rooms and most villa types in Adventure, Choice and Premier seasons. Many One Bedroom villas also went up in cost, particularly in the seasons noted. To offset, some One Bedroom villas saw a reduction in cost and many Two Bedroom units inched lower. 

Disney Vacation Club does have a responsibility to periodically adjust the charts in response to changes in member usage patterns. The point charts were famously revised in 2010 and 2011 to increase the weekday rates for most villas while reducing weekend costs.  Other smaller adjustments have since followed.

The original 2020 charts prompted a variety of questions from members, particularly the increase in One Bedroom costs. One Bedroom villas are commonly regarded as the least sought-after room type. The charts also displayed a widening in something dubbed the "lockoff premium", the added point cost necessary to book a single Two Bedroom villa separately as a Studio and One Bedroom. 

Consider the rates below for a weekday stay at Disney's Beach Club Villas during Adventure Season:

Villa  2019   2020 (orig)   
Deluxe Studio 15 16
One Bedroom 27 28
Two Bedroom 37 37
Lockoff Premium 5 7

In 2019, the 15 and 27 points required to book the Studio + One Bedroom separately were 5 more than the Two Bedroom cost for the exact same room. Per the original 2020 charts, that premium had grown to 7 points per night.

Responding to member inquiries, Yvonne Chang, Director, Club Management & Regulatory Affairs announced the reversal late last week. A statement posted to numerous online platforms indicates that while DVC stands by the appropriateness of the original 2020 rates, management "listened to our Members’ feedback and decided to more closely align [2020 point values] with the 2019 Vacation Points Charts." Furthermore, DVC plans to "further analyze demand and usage patterns" as they consider modifications for 2021 and beyond. 

The revised charts for 2020 are now nearly identical to 2019 with only minor calendar-based adjustments for holidays like Easter and Thanksgiving.