Price of One Time Use Points Rises to $19

DVC Policies & Procedures

The cost of buying a handful of points to complete a Disney Vacation Club reservation has increased again. 

Disney Vacation Club

Disney Vacation Club is now selling its "One Time Use Points" for $19 each, an increase of $2 per point over the $17 rate which was implemented in October 2017. 

DVC breaks down the cost as $16.89 per point plus $1.10 tax and $1.01 resort tax. 

One Time Use Points were introduced in 2010 as a way for owners to buy a small number of points to complete a single reservaiton, rather than purchasing a contract add-on costing thousands of dollars. Owners can purchase up to 24 One Time Use Points per Use Year. The points can only be used toward reservations made 7 months prior to arrival. The fee is charged at the time of the booking and no refund is offered in the event of a cancellation. These points cannot be borrowed, banked or transferred. 

The original 2010 cost was $15 per point, a rate that remained in effect for more than seven years until the 2017 price increase.