DVC reverses course on perk grandfathering

Disney Vacation Development has seemingly altered its policy (again) regarding the cutoff point for resale buyers receving access to the Membership Extras slate of perks & benefits.

Multiple resale agents are reporting that Disney Vacation Development contacted them late Thursday with an update on resale contracts which were in-process as of April 4, 2016:

This note is to inform you that anyone with a contract that was received by Disney Vacation Club by the end of the day on April 3, will be grandfathered in to have the same access to Membership Extras that are available to others who have purchased DVC memberships from sources other than Disney since March 21, 2011. (Note: Those members who purchased from sources other than DVC after March 21, 2011 may not use their points for the “Disney Collection” (select Disney Resort Hotels, Disney Cruise Line and Adventures by Disney) and the “Concierge Collection” resorts. As a reminder, the Membership Extras are incidental benefits offered by DVC and are subject to change.)

Since the perk limitation was first revealed on Monday, April 4, Disney has apparently switched gears twice.  The first official statements claimed that offers which had been submitted to Disney but not yet closed would still be eligible for the Membership Extras.  A later communique stated that only contracts which had closed prior to April 4 would be eligible.  

Now Disney seems to be returning to the original position, making an exception for those who are in the process of securing Disney Vacation Club resale contracts, but have not yet closed on the purchase.  The true test will come when some of these in-process contracts complete their official closing and are processed by DVC.  

We are attempting to confirm this latest reversal with our Disney Vacation Club contacts and will update this story if necessary.  

Still unchanged is the policy that all resale offers submitted after April 4 will not be eligible for the Membership Extras.  Included under the umbrella of "Membership Extras" are the DVC discounts on theme park Annual Passes, dining discounts, merchandise discounts and more.  New resale buyers will not receive a Disney Vacation Club member ID card--whose sole purpose traditionally has been to identify an individual as eligible for perks & discounts.  

Ineligible members can gain access to the Membership Extras by purchasing points directly from Disney Vacation Club.  The minimum add-on quantity currently stands at just 25 points.