DVC introduces one-time-use point solution

DVC Policies & Procedures

Disney Vacation Club has introduced a new program which will allow members to purchase a small number of points for one-time use.  Read on for brief description of the program, followed by a short Q & A which provides additional details.

Disney Vacation Club to offer members one-time-use vacation points

Beginning April 15, Disney Vacation Club is offering a new alternative to members borrowing vacation points from a future use year. Instead, members can obtain one-time-use vacation points for a fee of $15 per vacation point.

Disney Vacation Club members can obtain a maximum of 24 one-time-use vacation points once per use year, per membership. These one-time-use vacation points can be used to book stays at Disney Vacation Club Resorts, as well as vacations through the Disney Collection, Adventurer Collection and World Passport Collection.

Members interested in learning more about one-time-use vacation points can contact Disney Vacation Club Member Services or visit www.dvcmember.com.

Following are some questions and answers which help shed additional details on this program:

Q.  Is this option available immediately?

A.  Yes, beginning April 15, this option is available to all Disney Vacation Club Members.


Q. Can the points be purchased 11 months out, with full 11-month booking rights for one’s Home Resort?

A. One-time-use vacation points used for Disney Vacation Club resort reservations can only be used up to 7 months prior to arrival.


Q.  The program outline states that the purchase is available once per Use Year, does that apply to the Use Year in which the points are purchased or the use year in which the stay will occur?  For example, a member has a February Use Year.  If she calls in June 2010 (2010 Use Year) to book a stay for March 2011 (stay occurs in 2011 Use Year), will she be using the one purchase for 2010 or 2011?

A.  This refers to the use year in which the reservation falls.


Q.  When is payment due?

A.  Payment for one-time-use vacation points is due at the time of purchase.

Q.  Are there any other taxes or fees applicable?

A.  One-time-use vacation points can be purchased for $15 per point, including tax.


Q.  What happens to the points if the vacation is cancelled?  Are they subject to normal cancellation rules (expire at end of Use Year, Holding account rules, etc.)?  Can they be banked?  Can they be transferred to another owner?

A.  One-time-use vacation points expire according to the use year of the reservation booked and are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be banked or borrowed.


Q.  A member purchases 10 one-time-use points and makes a reservation.  Plans change and when the member re-books, she is now short 5 additional points.  Can she buy 5 more points since she is still under the 24 per year or is this limited to a single annual transaction of up to 24 points?

A.  Disney Vacation Club Members can obtain up to or equal to 24 one-time-use vacation points per membership, once per use year, in one transaction.