DIS Tracking Resort Availability

The DISBoards has unveiled a slick new feature which tracks availability of Disney Vacation Club guest rooms based upon feedback from members.

The new DVC Resort Availability Forum gathers feedback from members on days / resorts / room classes which are not presently available to be booked.  That feedback is used to build a grid for each resort, detailing the dates and room classes which are no longer available at each resort. 

Separate threads have been created to track availability by month.  Each thread also includes instructions for interpreting the data presented and for adding to the reports.

DVC room availability can fluctuate over time as a result of member cancellations, successful waitlist requests, etc.  When booking it would still be wise to inquire about rooms that are listed as being unavailable on the DIS.  But this resource does provide a valuable snapshot--available 24/7--of what is being communicated to other members by DVC Member Services. 

The DIS DVC Resort Availability Forum can be accessed HERE.