DVC Solicits Photos for Milestone Anniversary

Disney's timeshare program turns 30 years old this year and they are asking owners to share memories from three decades of Disney Vacation Club ownership. 

DVC Photos

Disney Files Magazine will help commemorate the 1991 launch of the Disney Vacation Club program with an expanded "Family Album" section. A recent solicitation posted to the official DVC member website invites owners to send their favorite photographs for possible inclusion in the member mag. 

In order to participate, members must submit the photo, a description of the image, their name, hometown and "member since" year and a signed consent form approving use of the image. Both email and US Mail submission options are available.

A copy of the consent form can be found HERE. Email submissions may be directed to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Additional details are available on the member website.

Photos are earmarked for the March 2021 issue of the magazine. Although no submission deadline is cited, publication lead time suggests that those wishing to participate should act quickly!