DVC Job Listings

Ever wondered if there was a way to combine a love for all things Disney and DVC with...well...a paycheck?  There's no time like the present.

A visit to www.DisneyJobs.com reveals a number of opportunities just waiting for the right applicant(s) to arrive.

For example, DVC is looking for Vacation Advisors to work at Member Services.  This is an entry level position requiring little more than a high school diploma and basic computer skills.  Just think--all that separates us from a career of "[making] dreams coms true for Disney Vacation Club Members" is a strong resume and interview!

Looking for something a little more challenging?  How about a position as an Advanced Sales Associate?  These are the folks who staff the countless DVC booths scattered throughout the Disney theme parks and resorts.

But why stop there?  DVC is also looking for new Vacation Club Guides.  That's a job anyone could do, right: answer questions about DVC...give tours of the model rooms...build relationships with current and prospective members.  Ah, but don't overlook that mandatory three years' worth of sales experience.

Other positions available include Business Solutions Data Analyst, Senior Financial Analyst and Accounting and Finance Manager.

Oh, and for those who remain frustrated with the DVC website, there may be hope:  Disney is also looking for a Director, Technology to oversee the parks & resorts websites.